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133218 New Game Game Albeit untrusted is at alpha stage, there is already a tight, growing community (currently about 100 players) on the official public discord server ( discord.playuntrusted.com ). As the project is moving from alpha to beta, more people are noticing it and it's becoming worthy of an entry in the giantbomb game database. Website: https://www.playuntrusted.com Itch.io page: https://evolvedlabs.itch.io/untrusted Indiedb page: https://www.indiedb.com/games/untrusted-web-of-cybercrime Third party press news about Untrusted: https://allagesofgeek.com/this-just-in/interview-with-creator-of-indie-game-untrusted/ https://indiegamereporter.com/untrusted-multiplayer-social-deduction-hacking-game/ 09/19/20 03:31PM 10 approved