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I don't think they are going to be able to do it. Someone is going to try, because it will be easy, but I don't think people will bite next time.

Unless they start going way back and doing SNES and PS1 games, but then you don't add anything to the title. You just call that ff7 rebuild, "Final Fantasy VII."

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    I think infinite is a special case because they areas where you weren't shooting things were some of the most memorable.

    The trailer for this DLC looks great. Is it in spite of not showing gameplay? Or partially because of not showing gameplay?

    I think they realize that's not why people care about their game.

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    "It was a $150 accessory that sold 30+ million units"

    That's kind of what I mean. People did there part and weren't really rewarded for it. It seemed like a lot of people really liked Dance Central. But, one idea, that has has already been thoroughly mined, in three years isn't promising.

    "Going from a keyboard to real time chat online while playing a FPS was a big deal and I remember that being poo-poo-ed as well in the beginning"

    Voice communication has existed long before PC and console games. It's a proven concept and they don't really compare but:

    A lot of good ideas are panned when they are first introduced, and then people try them and accept them. The same thing happens to bad ideas, and when people try them, they continue disliking them. People have tried the kinect and the results were not positive.

    To everything else, I say:

    Kinect already exists and all of those things can be done now and aren't. Because people don't want to do them.

    People don't want to talk to the TV. People used voice commands for the xbox os or mass effect 3 for a day and then turned it off. People used Siri for a week and then stopped caring. People don't want to video chat, people want to text. The future isn't minority report, that was just a movie.

    I'm cool with kinect existing and people trying to figure some kind use for it, but requiring everyone to buy it is unwanted. Why not a slightly cheaper model with no kinect? The kinect bundle still exists and if you want it you get it.

    Afraid that more people will buy the cheaper one? Then take the hint.

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    What potential are people imagining? Kinect came out 3 (holy shit!) years ago and they have made no case for it as a worthwhile accessory. Microsoft had 3 years to say, 'here's why you bought this dumb thing.' And it never happened.

    Third parties still aren't going to care because they are making their games on PS4 and PC too.

    If third parties don't care and Microsoft doesn't know what to do with it, why do you have faith in this thing?

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    The disc goes in the console. hth.

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    No taste buds means much of your sense of smell is gone too. I'd rather taste food.

    Really you question is this: "Would you rather be super lazy AND taste nothing, OR would you like to have control over your life, yet taste/smell the world fully."

    Geewhizz, what a great either/or question!!!!

    "Would you rather be super lazy..." Let me stop you right there. Yes.

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    Depends on the type of character. If you are playing as some power character, weapons need to be on the back and if it's an agility/speed type character, waist. I don't know why those are the rules, but those are the rules (that I just made up). Maybe a giant sword on the back of a power character is phallic or something, I don't know, but it works.

    I think on the back of the waist, horizontal above the butt, is a pretty cool spot for speedy weapons.

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    Haha, no. I'm not a fan of the recent rumours at all, but even if they turn out true, it's still better than the xbox and cheaper.

    If I suddenly decided I didn't want a ps4, then I really wouldn't want an xbox one.

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    @jimmyfenix: I'm not talking about other people or whether it's the right move. Honestly future-proofing your OS is probably really smart and more people seem to care about that than I do. I'm only talking about me.

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    @the_laughing_man: It's decent of ram now, but these consoles will be around for nearly a decade. 7 was more future-proof than 4.5.

    Sony were playing up that 'we're all about the gamer' garbage, while nearly half of the memory your paying for is being used up for OS and not games. Microsoft were using 3 gigs for their multi OS and people were wondering if they had forgotten that they were a games console first. Sony seemed like they were doing it the right way, and now -- nope.

    What happened to that stuff about developers telling them that they needed 8gb when they weren't sure if they were going to go with 4 or 8?

    There is no way those developers saw an OS eating 3.5 gigs of 4 total, so an OS of that size couldn't have been a factor when they were requesting 8.

    So all that listening Sony did lasted about 6 months until they decided the front-end was more important than the games?

    It seems like they saw MS using 5 and said, 'We only need to match that. It's more important to future-proof the OS than the games so we can match whatever MS do there.'

    Which is the opposite of what I want and is the opposite of the image they tried to portray.