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My top 10 most enjoyed games of 2016

The list beneath represents my top 10. It was an above average year for gaming but while we still haven't come close to the peaks of 2011 and 2012, we're unquestionably in a better place than we were in 2013, and 2014, where release quality was very thin.

In addition to the top ten list, I also played the following and scored them 4 out of 5 (i.e. worthy of recommendation)

  • Fallout 4 (XO/PC) (Automaton, Far Harbor, Nuka World) - 4/5
  • Dark Souls 3 (PC) - 4/5
  • The Division (XO) - 4/5
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PC) - 4/5
  • Final Fantasy 15 (XO) - 4/5
  • Dead Rising 4 (XO) - 4/5

I played the following and gave them 3 (i.e. mostly enjoyable experiences but not particularly recommendable)

  • XCOM 2 (PC) - 3/5
  • Syndicate (PC) - 3/5
  • Quantum Break (XO) - 3/5
  • Mafia 3 (PC) - 3/5
  • The Witness (PC) - 3/5
  • Hitman (PC) - 3/5
  • Apollo 11 VR (PC/VR) - 3/5
  • Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments (XO) - 3/5
  • Alpha Protocol (PC) - 3/5
  • Earth Defence Force (PC) - 3/5
  • Edge of Nowhere (PC/VR) - 3/5
  • Oxenfree (PC) - 3/5
  • Steins; Gate (PC) - 3/5
  • The Bunker (PC) - 3/5

I played the following and gave them 2 or below (i.e. too flawed to be recommendable)

  • Technomancer (PC) - 2/5
  • No Man's Sky (PC) - 2/5
  • The Fire in the Flood (XO) - 1/5
  • Grim Dawn (PC) - 1/5

List items

  • (XO)Great campaign. Best multiplayer experience. Best combat flow and intensity.

  • (PC)Best single player shooter. Doesn't outstay its welcome. Gets the tone of the aesthetic and the game play absolutely spot on.

  • (PC)Most involved story and characters in a game this year. Great premise and setting. The story and the player's relationship to it needed to go deeper to have been an improvement on previous Deus Ex titles (and have been at the top of this list).

  • (PC)Having initially been completely disinterested in this game, I bounced off it at least half a dozen times. Once it hooked me I've found it incredibly satisfying to play for just a few minutes each day.

  • (PC/VR)More than just the best VR title this year, Superhot VR is a wonderful game in its own right and I've gone back to it again and again since release.

    So many VR titles think about movement problems as a limitation to design whereas superhot VR embraces movement in a way that doesn't work as well outside of VR.

  • (PC)Inter stellar space 4x game is exceptionally engaging in its earlier stages. Mid game loses its way a bit but overall this was a great experience.

  • (PC)Excellent atmosphere, world building, stealth-with-powers mechanics.

    So much style but it is the high quality of the level design (offering genuine opportunities for a myriad of approaches in tandem with powers)that is what shines the brightest about this title.

  • (XO)Best social game. Features in this list for the continued community, 2016 DLC, enjoyable gameplay and overall (late) delivery on early promise back at release.

  • (PC)Great game. Dumb. Entertaining.

  • (PC)Best story, characters, and writing. Very short walking simulator.