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Top Nine of Twenty Twenty

I played 27 games this year and completed nine that also came out this year.

1. Cyberpunk 2077 (PC) - 5/5

2. Assassin's Creed: Valhalla (Xbox One X) - 5/5

3. Cloudpunk (PC) - 4/5.

4. Wasteland 3 (Xbox One X) - 4/5

5. Resident Evil 3 (Xbox One X) - 4/5

6. Watch Dogs: Legion (Xbox One X) - 4/5

7. Star Wars: Squadrons (Xbox One X) - 3/5

8. Vampire the Masquerade: Shadows of New York (Xbox One X) - 3/5

9.Twin Mirror (Xbox One X) - 3/5

2020 Games that I abandoned after a few hours due to lack of enjoyment.

1. Hades. (undeniable quality, just didn't stick or click with me. Abandoned after 3 hours)

2. Doom Eternal (repetitive and dull. Abandoned after 4 hours)

List items

  • I played this on an Xbox One X and by and large had a solid and smooth experience playing the game. There were still some crashes and clearly there will continue to be polishing and patches going on for a while.

    The world building and art design in this game is phenomenal. So much effort and detail has gone into making Night City's ambiance distinctive and coherent. The ambition is currently under-realized in some ways but I hope that the DLC and possible sequels explore those areas to further flesh out the depth in the world. To be clear though, this game is exceptional and the fact that I see potential for improvement speaks to the stellar ambition of the title rather than to a deficiency with the base game. As was the case with AC Valhalla, I got over 90 hours of entertainment out of this game but unlike AC Valhalla, I am looking forward to more. This is what distinguishes the two titles for me, and why this was my favorite game experience of 2020.

  • This game continues the history tourism meets templar conspiracy action-adventure formula of odyssey and origins and provides an extremely satisfying game play and narrative experience. Great characters. Great side-quests. An intriguing main story with some lovely dovetailing between Norse mythology and that of the AC universe. An extremely absorbing all-around experience that kept me entertained for 95 hours.

  • A very relaxing delivery/taxi game in a beautifully realized cyberpunk world with 5th element flying cars, intriguing and well-written characters, and a decent core storyline that engages throughout. Light on gameplay and no combat to speak of but this is nonetheless one of the more notable experiences for me this year and was definitely the title that most exceeded my expecations.

  • A huge upgrade on Wasteland 2 in all regards. So many choices and branching narrative moments that really give a personalized weight to the path you take. Excellent and varied combat. Nice environments. Nice graphics. Very much a Fallout 1 & 2 meets XCOM vibe to things. Highly recommended. Certainly one of the best games this year.

  • As the original RE3 was the inferior follow up to the original RE2, so it was the case for their remakes. CAPCOM would be very wise to stop with the remake treatment and to focus on new directions for the franchise. Overall a highly enjoyable product and well worth playing through several times.

  • Watch Dogs 1 bored me. Watch Dogs 2 failed to engage me. Watch Dogs legion kept me on board and mostly entertained through to the end. Being a former Londoner, the experience of exploring this game world was equal parts nostalgic and slightly underwhelming. The ‘recruit anyone’ mechanic was pretty neat and led to a range of diverse game play experiences. The lack of a primary character does detract from the player’s engagement with the narrative. The game gets around this by sort of making Bagley (the AI side kick) the protagonist from a narrative stand point. Solid game.

  • Mostly enjoyable with a few frustrating difficulty spikes that marred the experience. Not a hugely memorable story but that's not the selling point here. This game is about Star Wars space combat and it delivers an experience where you get to do just that.

  • For those that played this game’s predecessor, “coteries of New York”, “shadows” feels like a substantial dlc add - on more than a totally independent title. I was slightly less absorbed with it but on balance it is a totally enjoyable second dose.

  • A detective adventure game set in the pacific northwest with some interesting characters and decent dialogue. Unfortunately, this game is conceptually unoriginal, and the plot ultimately disappoints.

    Those with both the patience for a dialogue-heavy experience, and the enthusiasm for the stylistic homage to Twin Peaks and Deadly Premonition (including a lead character that talks to themselves) may get some degree of enjoyment from the ambiance of game.

    This makes this list at number 9 because I only played 9 games that were released this year.

    Overall ... not recommended.