The New Bloom

The next step for Dota 2 is number "6.80" but is otherwise titled "New Bloom"

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Day 1

- A suggestion of a new map "tileset" along with a new map and a new game mode. Sounds like there will be a fight with "The Year Beast".

- The usual new recipes, new items, and such from the players from their player content drive. In particular since it is the year of the horse there is a new horse courier.

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Day 2

- As expected a new hero but my personal guess would have been Techies but they went with Terrorblade.

- Arcana gear for Terrorblade. I do like the idea of "arcana gear" but it always feels like it is too rare to randomly win and expensive to buy. Hmm...

- Random Ability Draft mode. It is exactly what is the title says it is. A fun mode. :)

- The official 6.80 change log. Lots of little tweaks all over.

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Day 3 highlight:

- I honestly didn't expect them to do two heroes again but they did and also just announced Phoenix. There was still some speculation if Phoenix would be a bird or humanoid shaped before this announcement.

- "Replay Takeover" was hinted via a Chinese esports sites but it was hard to suss out what is possible with this. I guess we'll have to see what this does when it releases. It also sounds like it is only compatible with 6.80 replays and later.

I loved doing "Wraith-Night" runs and I hope this new mode is just as fun. A new boat load of items never hurts although I'm still not sure how I feel about the Arcana items. And in the form of "late breaking news", Shadow Fiend has disappeared from Test which usually indicates a rework to the model in animation or sfx. The Test client patch is already around 800mb so this is going to be a pretty big patch where I didn't think they'd do another one of these giant patches till the fall.

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