So I saw the movie "Never Surrender" last night...

Yeah so I wanted to watch a movie last night so I decided to watch "Never Surrender", a movie I bought the previous weekend. 
Now, I'm a huge MMA fan for years now, so I was looking forward to seeing fighters like Rampage Jackson, and BJ Penn in a movie.
I've seen Mirko Cro Cop's "Ultimate Force" and his acting wasn't anything to write home about, but it was entertaining nonetheless. It really showcased Mirko both in his professional fighting career and his anti-terrorist "cop" career.  

Suffice to say I was looking forward to more of the same in "Never Surrender". The DVD cover featured Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre, BJ Penn, Quinton Jackson, and Heath Herring, so I was stoked. (The two fighters shown most prominently on the cover are Georges and Jackson.)
Ok, so I knew this was gonna be a bad movie from the start, but I had no idea how much of a rip off it would be.
"Rampage" was LITERALLY in ONE scene in the ENTIRE movie!!! Despite being plastered on the cover, as if he were a main character, his part in the film ended up being nothing more than a cameo!
Georges St-Pierre seemed at first to play an important role in the movie but nothing became of it. They pretty much showed a scene of him watching the main character Diego on TV, a scene where he calls and talks to Diego in a voice that was definitely NOT St-Pierre's voice. Then later he visits Diego to express his concern about the whole situation. They made it seem as if Georges was gonna show up again at the end and provide Diego with some sort of help in the "final battle", but in the end Georges part in the movie turned out to be one long drawn out, pointless, cameo. He did have a decent fight scene though.
BJ Penn also popped up in exactly TWO scenes. The breif fight scene alongside Rampage, and later on appearing to the aid of Diego at the end. You see, when Diego decided he didn't like this whole situation he was in, he decided to call BJ to help him out. I think the movie would have been a lot better if he had called Georges instead, because then Georges' part in the movie would have made more sense. Besides, BJ's acting was horrible. I thought Georges wasn't half as bad.
Heath Herring actually had a good part in the movie. Herring, out of all, was a terrific actor, to my surprise. At times I thought he was better than Diego, played by Hector Echavarria. Herring played a guy named "Stone" who was a fellow fighter in the underground tournament. He helped Diego train for a few fights and they became good friends until Stone decided he wanted to go one on one against the head bad guy and get killed. This ultimately changed Diego's mind about the whole situation. (I used that word a lot).
The biggest rip off of all would have to be Anderson Silva's part in the film. Again, he was plastered on the cover like a central character. As it turns out, Silva only appeared in one quick fight scene where he gets killed by Diego. Yeah, that's right, he was basically a random thug. He didn't have one spoken word throughout the scene either, but to be fair his English is not so good. And the fight sequence was sort of lame too. 
Overall my impression of this film is that Hector Echavarria (who is the director and plays as Diego, the main character) used these top rank fighters to market his film and rip off viewers excited to see their favorite fighters in a martial arts film. 
But even if you ignore the fact that these fighters are on the cover, when their parts in the film are so miniscule, the movie is still bad. The only way I can possibly convey the baddness of this film is if you've seen the "Kickboxer" sequels. It's THAT bad. The only difference is that this movie is interlaced with a whole lot of sex scenes. I mean a lot. It's almost a porn movie. In fact it might have been better as a porno because then I'd be more willing to forgive the horrible acting and idiotic story. The story, by the way, would make for the perfect porno premise. 
There were some good parts in the film though. Like every part with "Crusher". I'll just leave it at that. 
The film was a waste of a perfectly good Wednesday night. I didn't want to end the day like that so I just watched "The 36th Chamber of Shaolin".
Hopefully tonight's movie won't be as bad. I'm watching "Mutant Chronicles"!