Playing all the video games - Part 000017

I am continuing with the rather futile task of playing all the video games.

A new site layout brings with it many changes. One of the more subtle is the algorithm used to place video games in alphabetical order. Whereas on the old site, punctuation didn't count towards the ordering, on the new site it does. Which means that the first game on the site which I haven't played is no longer 10,000 Bullets, but instead "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game. So, here we go again...

Game 000017: "Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game

"Aha! I Found It!" Hidden Object Game

Released in 2010 and published by Ateam Inc., available for 500 points on Wii Ware, "Aha! I Found it!" Hidden Object Game feels like it had about as much thought put into it as its title, before being rushed out the door and onto an aging platform.

Find the Kusarigama!
Find the Kusarigama!

The premise is simple. The game gives you three static images, each cluttered with randomly generated objects and challenges you to find 12 of them quickly (by pointing and clicking) in order to make somebody happy. Do this - and the game offers absolutely no indication of what exactly the time limit is - and you will be rewarded with an extra level. Take too long, or make too many mistakes and you will make somebody sad, and be asked to try again. What attachment these people have to these hidden objects isn't really explained - but I like to think that they are just happy when you finish the level quickly because it means that they have been subjected to less of the terribly bland background music.

Clearly, I'm not the target audience for this game - but I'm not entirely sure who is. An easily pleased child with sharp eyes and a fascination with Japanese culture, maybe? For anybody who doesn't know the Japanese word for "Chain-Sickle" - completing the levels in the time limit may be a little tricky. I gave up after 20 minutes with this game, and only managed to unlock half of the levels.


Eagle eyed viewers will have noticed that I've skipped straight past the current first entry in the database !WOW!. As a general rule, I don't intend to make an effort to track down pinball machines as part of this series... especially not pinball machines from the 1930s! Next time, another game from Ateam Inc: "Aha! I Got It!" Escape Game. Great.