My thoughts on the next generation of consoles.

 I saw another blog similar to this the other day and it got me thinking about what I expect from the next generation of consoles. I actually ended up thinking more about the marketing than what the actual consoles will be. I also made picture... cause I like picture. Anyway, here are my thoughts in the form of BLOCK TEXT!!!!!!!

Wii HD

I think we'll see Nintendo's next console in 2012. It will be marketed as the Wii HD, and it will be exactly that; a family motion control system with HD graphics. The Wii Remote will obviously change a bit, but I think it'll be mostly the same; albeit with some of the PS Move tech, but in general the system will remain the same. It's marketed at families, with a family's budget so it'll have full backward compatibility with old Wii games and some peripherals, but of course if you want to experience everything the Wii HD has to offer you'll need to purchase this new thing, and this new thing... also this.   

   A new generation of fun motherfuckers! 
  A new generation of fun motherfuckers! 
So yeah, I think following the success of the Wii that Nintendo's next move will be... more Wii. And like the Wii it will make a shit tonne of money off the casual gaming market. 

PlayStation IV 

 I think the next PlayStation will be released in 2014, but this time there will be less a focus on the Play, and more on the Station. With this next console Sony will really start pushing the PlayStation brand as a more sophisticated home entertainment system; with gaming being just one portion of a more complete media center. There's no doubt in my mind that Sony has got the good to pull this off successfully. The system will have pretty much all the tech known to man in there, with a heavy focus on connecting with your existing media no matter where it is stored (except cassette) and a slick new XMB interface will make the it all really easy to use. 

 The Roman numerals make it classy.
 The Roman numerals make it classy.

 Like it's predecessor, I don't think the PSIV will be very successful initially because it will just be too damn expensive, but this time around sales will pick up within a year and I actually think that the system will achieve it's goal of becoming the center of a lot of household. Obviously there will still be games for the thing, but the lack of focus will probably hurt it's gaming potential and a lot of the 'core' gamers will move to the XBOX.   


Like the PlayStation I think that Microsoft's next console offering will come in 2014, and by the time everyone has gotten over the stupidness of the name and have started saying 'XBOX 3' instead of 'XBOX cubed' we'll start to realized that it is fucking brilliant. It will be marketed as just straight up 'GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!!!'; with the focus of all advertising being aimed directly at you or me, the people who just love GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMES!!! I also believe that XBOX Live will begin to focus a lot more on community, with a lot of the stat tracking and friend option that Steam has as well as a failed attempt to make their own facebook or myspace.  

I'm not feeling the way 'coming 2014' spreads across to the edge of the 3. Couldn't be bother fixing it now. 
I'm not feeling the way 'coming 2014' spreads across to the edge of the 3. Couldn't be bother fixing it now. 
Overall, the XBOX will be very successful, and be the console of choice for gamers. 


Steam's evil world domination will continue. 


We'll that my thoughts on when and what we'll see for the next generation of consoles. What do you think; agree? disagree? cool story bro?     


E3: Where the hell was Rockstar Games?

Not sure how well this will work but I decided to start a blog and then I decided to try and make it look real purdy. This is largely a way for me to practice my writing and graphic-ing, so any critisms or suggestions are welcome. 
I also made up a similar thing for the Sony press conference that I might post if there is any interest in this at all. 

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I really like this quest system... apart from the fact that it is keeping me from doing things that are actually more important. Also, this blog post is just to get a quest. I am addicted. 
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