Silent's Picks For The Best Female Characters In Games

Version 2.0
Originally named "Top 25 Babes",  this list originally consisted of ladies from "various games, anime, TV shows and movies". But it was a first crack at a list and I kinda made random picks, so now I want to give a bit more thought out reasons for my selections. This list will mainly include female characters of whom I've had some sort of in-game experience with.
For the sake of keeping this list more gaming focused, quite a few have been dropped from the original list (mostly the anime characters) . 

Chances are that  I'll continue to update this list as I play more games. After all, I can't list a character that I've had little exposure to, like Miranda Lawson because I haven't played Mass Effect 2 yet, nor do I know enough about her to have an opinion.
So, here are the standings as of 9-25-2010.

List items

  • By far my favorite female lead in a game. The game Bayonetta was my most anticipated game of this year, and it certainly didn't disappoint while playing through it twice. It's one of the best hack-n-slash games that I've played to date, Devil May Cry 3 still being my all-time favorite though.

    As for Bayonetta herself, well, to pull a quote from her, "Don't fuck with a witch". When she takes down an angel, she does it with nothing but style and brutality. Her attacks are a little varied based on what weapons are equipped, but whether she has her standard double barrel revolvers equipped, or twin rocket launchers strapped to her legs, she attacks result in an awesome display of power that usually leaves Angles bursting in to liquid red goo, or devoured by a ferocious tarantula that's made of hair. And her wise-cracking personality makes her even more fun, though I'll admit that a comment I've read on another site saying that she dances like a drunken mother at a wedding reception to be both humorous and accurate, just watching her toy with Luca and expressing her hatred for crying babies and cockroaches.

    So with that said, Bayonetta takes the number one spot on my list as the best female character in a game.

  • The Borderlands protagonist mercenaries don't really differ in terms of personality. Players mainly pick them for their play-style and abilities. For me, Lilith is my favorite character to play as because of her phasewalking abilities and ability to cause elemental damage more effectively than the other characters. Lobbing a grenade and slowing down time is my favorite technique to use in the game, and the only character capable of doing that is Lilith. Healing while phasewalking has kept the kill chains going as taking on groups of skags, bandits, and the Crimson Lance at point-blank range.

  • Cobra Unit! (Like a boss!) Snake's mentor! (Like a boss!) Close quarters combat! (Like a boss!) Ocelot's mother! (Like a boss!)

    Bad jokes aside, The Boss is one of the most interesting characters in Metal Gear Solid 3 because of her thought provoking line, "loyalty to the end".

  • As Mass Effect's Kaidan Alenko would say, she carries enough firepower to wipe out a whole platoon ...of demons. Plain and simple, Lady is a demon slaying bad-ass with a more than sizable rocket launcher.

  • Kairi gets a spot on this list mainly because of her heavy involvement with Sora in the whole Kingdom Hearts storyline. Yes, I am a sucker for love stories, and the sudo-romantic story between her in Sora in KH1 was what I mainly payed attention to.

  • Baiken is default character in Guilty Gear X2. I'm admittedly not very good at Guilty Gear or fighting games in general, but I can get through a few fights before getting hammered by I-No.

  • She's got an attitude and the power to back it up. I've lost a good five times against her (the final fight with her and Proud difficulty) in Re:CoM. And her English voice of the Wendy's girl. Wicked lightning attacks and old fashioned hamburgers for the win.

  • I do have more respect for Eva after playing MGS4 and realizing her role as 'Big Mama'.

  • Many seem to regard Ashley is the most annoying party member in the original Mass Effect, and I can see way as she's so tomboyish and rough. But I do like her for the fact that she doesn't get KO'd often in firefights compared to Kaiden in the first half of the game.

    The soldier class is awesome.

  • From a little game called Nightshade that I've played the demo of a while back on the PS2. It's was pretty damn fun, though I've yet to own and play the full game.

    Ninjas, by default, are awesome.

  • Though I've yet to finish Final Fantasy VII, Yuffie is one of those appropriately placed comic relief characters that has been nice to run into in Crisis Core. I also like that she plays a spotlight role next to Vincent in Dirge of Cerberus.

    Also, ninjas are awesome.

  • Gotta give props to the best bounty hunter with an arm cannon. I've never gotten deep into the Metroid games. I tried out the Prime trilogy on the Wii, but it wasn't really engaging enough to hole my attention for more then two hours, and I eventually sold my Wii. Still, a tip of the hat to Samus.

  • In Dissidia Final Fantasy, she's the equivalent to Princess Peach in that my survivability with both characters are pretty high. Other than that, I only know about her through Dissidia and various forums online. So, a tip of the hat to Terra for her popularity amongst Final Fantasy fans.

  • I haven't played a lot of DOA, but Ayane has been the most interesting to me, now because of the inclusion in Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. I'll eventually have that game when I get a PS3. I'll bet that playing as her is pretty fun, mainly for my love of hack-n-slash games.

  • I'll admit, some of the hentai pictures of her that are on certain sites are kinda hot. But my perversion aside, she's kinda enjoyable to play as in the Smash Bros games because of my high level of survivability as her. Other than that, nothing much really. She gets getting captured by Bowser and Mario has to save her ass time, and time, and time again.

    ...Well, why break tradition (aside from that one DS game), I guess.

  • The more female leads the merrier, and Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is a pretty good game. I do have a like for the strong and silent types and Shanoa fits that profile pretty well.

  • A tip of the hat to Alyx for her role in half-Life 2, though it's another one of those games that I haven't gotten too far in.