Favorite Games from Each Console I Own

Today, I'm going through my games and choosing my favorite for each system. For the purposes of clarity, the Windows platform is split up into five-year chunks: Era '85 (1985-1989), Era '90 (1990-1994), and so on. This list is sorted in the order I purchased or received the game.

List items

  • (Nintendo Entertainment System) Man, I loved this game so much that I couldn't just play it at home. I had the TI-83 version of it, too. Every day in math class, professor droning on about partial derivatives, but I had to fill some god damned eggshells. Of the 40 games I had for NES, this is the one I played the most.

  • (Game Boy) When I wasn't playing Yoshi on my calculator, I was playing Tetris on my Game Boy. Sitting outside the school, waiting for my mother to pick me up? Bust out the Tetris!

  • (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) Every day, after the bus ride back from middle school, I'd run inside and play a Yoshi's Island level or two. This game was the sole reason I brought my SNES to college.

  • (Nintendo 64) This is a no brainer. I could get all 120 stars in my sleep.

  • (Game Boy Color) This is why I refuse to get rid of my GBA:SP. I must have something that can play this cartridge. My best decks are a quick Gengar & Kangaskhan deck, a Nidoking Double Poison deck, and an excruciatingly slow Alakazam & Chansey & Scoop Up deck that my friend hated playing against.

  • (Game Boy Advance) One of the best birthday presents from my childhood. Probably the only Castlevania-style game that I enjoy.

  • (Windows, Era '95) One of my first real computer games. Back then, it was all my friends and I talked about. We'd commonly jump on Battle.net just to stomp some bots.

  • (Windows, Era '00) ONS-ArcticStronghold and ONS-Torlan, all day long. Spent a bunch of time with this game, but was never really good at it.

  • (Nintendo Gamecube) I never actually owned a Gamecube, it was my brother's, but I kicked him off of it enough to feel like I owned it. City Mode or bust!

  • (Playstation 2) Shortly after discovering DDR machines, a friend let me borrow this game. I fell in love. This is probably my favorite game overall. I probably go back and play it once every year or two. Just the fact that I can go back today and hear song sections I've never heard before is amazing. "Beauty is a sin... OF GOD!" "U-1! Take the offensive!" "Roger!" (I think I'm still stuck on Level 4 of Master Mode. It took me a good year to beat Mojo-King Bee.)

  • (Xbox 360) Long story short, I own a 360 just so I can play Rock Band. I bought it for Rock Band, and I use it for virtually nothing else.

  • (Windows, Era '05) My favorite game. I currently rent out and run a 24-man server with a good community (alltalk, anti-micspam). I play this game very often, and I've put nearly 2000 hours into it.

  • (Nintendo DS) Best Mario RPG, hands down. This was actually a hard choice for me, though, because the DS is my favorite non-PC platform. I have owned something like forty DS games, most of them fairly decent. MarioKart, New Super Mario Bros., and Lego Rock Band all get honorable mentions here, but the humor in Bowser's Inside Story trumps all.

  • (Nintendo Wii) Good, old-fashioned Mario platforming. There's nothing wrong with a game that feels the same as an earlier title, especially when this one does it so well. Always pleased to get my directional-pad-plus-two-buttons gaming on.

  • (Windows, Era '10) So far, this is the best game I've played in this decade.