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Final Fantasy X, Mass Effect 2... not sure about number 3. Would be many many tied

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I wrote a paper on this just a few months ago at university and my lecturer was interested in what I wrote although obviously reserved as to how I could condense such a large issue into a smaller piece of writing that entertained the bigger picture - I study a Bachelor of Video Game Design. Going to get opinionated here however. I have to say is that this topic is almost like something you would throw to the vicious 'The View' sharks to be loud over for no reason. Whether this is in fact an issue or not, really comes down to individual perception, but one thing that I believe to be true is that this is a matter to do with deeply engraved societal behavior. This isn't just games and furthermore as many people seem to conveniently forget to my annoyance - this isn't just about representation of women. Last I checked male protagonists don't reflect the appearance or behavior of game players - and that's part of the point. Games are escapism and it would be farfetched to think that they would provoke thoughts and feelings superior to that of real life social structures. There are some nerdy, little perverted game makers out there who do things like give Ivy from Soul Calibur huge breasts, sure, but it obviously doesn't bother anyone to the point where they choose not to buy the product which would rectify the situation in that the product would cease to exist or they would be forced to make changes. Vote with your dollar - if you see something you don't like - don't buy it. don't support it. and if enough people feel the same way, it will go away.

If there isn't enough - loop back to the greater underlining societal/social problems. Don't just complain about an issue, or pretend to support it when you aren't actually prepared to try and do anything about it.

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@MatPaget: but if they hadn't shut down pandemic, all their fantastic staff wouldn't be teaching me the ways at uni right now, or have given me an hd for my 2d level design assignment this past week! :)

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I used Gamespot for years, and then rarely visited after Gerstmann left with my own disgust of what happened, becoming loyal to the GiantBomb product. Peace at last... I still can't believe this has happened. It's like a movie sequel wrapping up the loose ends.

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The Joe Rogan Experience

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Need I say more?

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I'd say collectively the 3D console versions of The Legend of Zelda are overrated. I still remember how spastic people went when the Giantbomb lads were still at Gamespot and Twilight Princess got a 7.5 or something... That being said, I don't hate Zelda at all and I actually really like some of the portable titles.

I think Fallout New Vegas is pretty overrated. A lot say it's better than Fallout 3 and I can agree in some regards. As it was released after F3, you would expect it to make some improvements on mechanics and gameplay, but there was no real vast improvements made and I found the story less interesting than Fallout 3. Basically, I think if you played Fallout 3 first, you weren't missing much if you didn't play New Vegas.

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Yes, definitely. If you haven't played Final Fantasy before, it's a good place to start. Just keep in mind it came out in 2001.

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This game has been delayed and delayed and delayed again and I can't help but wonder if that could be the reason for him leaving Sony. They need to get this product out as soon as humanly possible. They've surely lost a lot paying staff to work on it for this extended amount of time.

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I think it's easy to look back in hindsight and say anything from the past was better. This season for me has been good because it's focused more on dexter rather than his family. His son is in it sure, but he can't talk of course, and plays minor roles in how the plot is unraveling. I hate La Guerta so her not being in it nearly as much is much more interesting for me. I like the partnership of Quinn/Batista. Really good chemistry. So overall, I'm happy with the quality of this season. I heard someone on a podcast complaining that the season sucks, then mentioned how the other 2 kids are never in it. It's a show about Dexter killing people. It's bad because the other 2 kids aren't in it? Really? Thinly veiled argument to say the least. Anyways, I'm happy with what I see and am happy to keep watching it. It's better than a lot of programs on tv that's for sure.