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Review: Bulletstorm

Been a hell of a weekend for finishing up some stuff I had some hours into. Just finished up Bulletstorm, in time to give it a farewell as GFWL rides off into the sunset.

Overall it's an above-average first person shooter that looks like it happens in the Gears of War universe. The skillshot system is mildly funny because of it's shot titles, but I'm not sure how much it adds to the experience in terms of gameplay, I probably would have kicked guys off ledges and into cactus plants even without the points, because it's just the easiest way to make your way through the game. I had way too many points all along the way, making it simple to unlock all upgrades as soon as they were available and have no urgency on the ammunition front.

The sense of humor is beyond puerile, but the characterizations of the main group are interesting anyway. The big bad is a ridiculous pastiche, which is fine. I did encounter a bug in his AI where he just disappeared during what amounts to an escort mission though (he can't die, so it's not really that kind of escort mission).

On a couple occasions I also was "shot in the back" for not eliminating all the enemies in a zone even when I thought I had done a pretty effective job at wiping them out. The game is pretty inconsistent on that account, it wants you to generally kill everything, but there are a few zones where you can slide through and not get an instant game over without killing everyone.

If you think you're interested, now is your time to try it because it's going to get harder to play without some sort of hack/crack, and it's already impossible to buy on PC since the steam version dropped off the store.

Given that EPIC pretty much isn't doing games now, and with EA having bigger things to fry than their partners program, I wouldn't count on it being patched with steamworks or even having the DRM removed anytime soon.

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