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Review: Far Cry 3 (PC)

I'd started Far Cry 3 before and got about three hours into it before I was just pissed off and couldn't go any further.

The game's UI is just incredibly cluttered with crap, it's popping up missions and tips and hints and reminders every few seconds.

This time I disabled enough of those UI popups in the gameplay menu to be able to see the game on the screen, and had a pretty good time. There are some pretty radical shifts in tone throughout the game, the first half is full of surrealism and weirdness, the second half is full of offbeat odd humor and a villain that reminds you of the worst kind of bond villains (think License to Kill).

There are also some odd missions that were bonus DLC from the digital deluxe edition that tie into other Ubi games, one set interfaces with Assassin's Creed and the other set ties FC3 to FC2, further enhancing the idea that all Ubisoft open world games take place in the same universe.

Worth playing, has more systems than FC2, possibly too many for it's own good. Disable the popups and enjoy yourself.

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