To use, or not to use...

I'm oh so very tempted to use a guide with this game. I'm what you would consider a slow individual. Not stupid (in... most cases), but it takes me longer to realize something than others. Therefore, I can't really be arsed to stare at one section of a level for an hour and make no progress. I still find it to be a magnificent game though.


James Cagney

So the second update for Burnout Paradise is FINALLY here for the 360 (well, in like 12 hours). Ever since the second delay I've been giving Criterion crap for developing on the PS3 and just making sure it doesn't red ring the 360. Obviously this isn't the case, but two updates in a row? Something fishy is going on. However, without anymore details, I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. Being my favorite developer, they're still massively more in touch with their fans than anyone else, and most of the stuff they're doing for Paradise is free so I shouldn't really bitch and moan. And with STILL no job (thanks for setting up that internship before the summer was over teach *rolls eyes*), I'm going to have to figure out a way to get the bikes, so good thing this stuff is free.

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