2014 Games

Just keeping track of the games I play this year, and immediate thoughts at the time.

List items

  • Some hardcore Indiana Jones shit. I didn't expect so much upgrading to the weapons. Had full on Green Arrow levels of archery going on by the end of it. LOVED the feel the first hidden temple (plane) gave me when I came across it. The wind one was hard for me to figure out, but that one was also really rad.

  • Pretty cool, plays fun. Fell off it pretty quick though. It did reinvigorate my need for a full on mech game though. I don't think I like CoD + mechs? I think I might just want one or the other.

  • Pretty cool. Felt frustrating when I didn't know what to do or kept doing something wrong, but then really satisfying when dudes added up and I did things correctly. Cool characters with useful abilities, used at least half with regularity. Story was super predictable in the best, dopiest way.

  • Better than the last game, that's for sure. Pretty cool.

  • Love the individual parts, not amazing as a whole. I don't have the time to grind for loot to get me above level 20, so all the end game content is inaccessible to me. It's weird to say, but as the game is current structured, it actually NEEDS microtransactions.


  • dat John Halo

  • I can play as Superior Spider-Man, so this is obviously the best game ever.

    Don't judge me.