Favorite Games Ever

I started writing stuff for games in that popular "Your 3 Top games ever!" thread, so I figured I'd just make one of these. Dunno if this is actually final, or if I'll ever update it.

List items

  • This game is just pure fun. I've been playing the Burnout series since the first game. I played a shit load of Burnout 3: Takedown multiplayer, but that was purely competitive. I love Paradise because you can shoot the shit with some friends while playing an amazing game. Taking part in the recent TNT with Jeff and other community members reminded me of that.

  • I enjoyed the story of the first game (despite the level design) and played a fair bit of LAN multiplayer. But the inclusion of XBL with H2 is what got me hooked on this series for nearly half of my life now. I played well over 2,000 games of multiplayer, which is more than the number of games I've played of both Halo 3 and Halo Reach combined. Halo is something I will keep playing as long as they make games, and that's all because of this game. Some people look back at Quake or Unreal Tournament as their definitive multiplayer shooter. That game for me is Halo 2.

  • It was hard choosing between this and Mass Effect 3. The third game was more cinematic, and had TONS of character moments. But all of those character moments that I'll remember for many years to come stemmed from what was built in Mass Effect 2. The Mass Effect trilogy is unlike anything else in video games, and the characters that I spent dozens of hours forming emotional bonds over, not necessarily the story, will be something that stays with me forever.

  • I was just the right age when the Pokemon craze started. I was super into the tv show and card game. The Game Boy games were the third and final pillar for a black hole that sucked up my parents money. Pokemon Crystal was probably the height of all that was Pokemon in my life as a kid. There are those that are 151 purist, but some of my favorite Pokemon are from the second set. I no longer own a Nintendo handheld, but every once in a while I still get that itch to Catch 'Em All.

  • This game was SO RAD! I never played MechWarrior or anything similar before, so this was my first (and only) Robot on Robot violence game. The possible combinations for a Chromehound build was crazy and everyone was constantly coming up with new ideas. The team aspect to this game was incredible, as well as the persistent war.

  • Unlike Mass Effect, which is a BioWare game on my list because of the characters, KOTOR is here because the story. At 13 years old, who doesn't like Star Wars?! But back then I hadn't play any RPGs other than Pokemon, nonetheless a BioWare one. Being at the age I was when this came out on top of the fact that I had no experience with long, expansive games, this was a mind blowing video game experience for me. This is my The Empire Strikes Back.

  • It helps that I played this game at the same time I started getting into comics, and with an amazing Batman story at that (Court of the Owls was INSANE!). That maybe be skewing how high I regard this, but still, I was way into the Batman animated shows as a kid. Rocksteady went above and beyond with how many Gotham characters they were able to get into this game. For me personally, I just had so much fun running around as The God Damn Batman and seeing so many characters brought to life.

  • It's a shame I don't have more "classic" games on my list. But thanks to the magic of XBLA I was able to play this. I went through SOTN at least three times in order to get better loot, unlock more secrets, and find the max percentage of the castles. I fell just a tenth or two short of the 200.6% completion, but I had loads of fun trying. A friend of mine on XBL was playing through it as the same time as me and we would often chat while going through, so that certainly added to the experience.

  • Oh maaaaan. This game's story. I was constantly trying to use Inception logic to figure out where Alan was at times. I love Twin Peaks, so a weird game taking place in the Pacific Northwest was right up my alley. It's just a shame that the combat nearly bored me to tears. Because of that I've yet to play through the DLC or American Nightmare, even though I crave for more story. Also, the Old Gods of Asgard are pretty damn good.

  • Every time you load up this game there's something new. It's bonkers. Hoping into the Tested server and turning on some prog rock is and easy way to kill a Saturday for me.

  • As a member of Giant Bomb's Race Night, I felt that I needed to put Forza on here. But surprise! It's FM3, not FM4. I like this more than the current one for many reasons I won't get into here.