GOTY 2015

The games I played this year, ranked from bestest to not best.

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  • After the shit show that was Halo 4, I had low expectations for H5. Once I played the beta, I knew that 343i had nailed the controls. Halo has been brought into the modern era of FPSs while still feeling like Halo.

    And the story? WOW. It certainly doesn't flow like the Bungie Halo's, but I really liked the story of Halo 5. Spartan's are supposed to be the baddasses of the galaxy, and I feel like that was depicted for the first time (finally) in the cinematics.

    The multiplayer is a dream. I don't play Arena too much anymore, but the maps seem fine. Where most of my time is spent is in the new Warzone mode. SO COOL. The whole REQ system is kinda sketch, but all of the core multiplayer post-release content, maps and all, is free!

    I love Halo, and we got a great one this year. There's no way it wasn't going to be my Game of the Year.

  • Yup, it's Forza. Rain and Night tracks are cool. AI still sucks, and it's still missing tons of stuff compared to FM3/4. But it's a shit ton better than FM5, and Race Night fun again.


    How can I not love this game? Or how can I? The side missions kinda sucked. Rocksteady straight up lied about the Arkham Knight character. And half of the "boss battles" can hardly be considered as such, especially when compared to Origins. And yet, I still love Arkham Knight, because god damn it. I'M BATMAN.

  • Basically an MCU movie if Marvel/Disney had the rights to all of the characters.

  • Really fun to play... in the first half. The second half was an abysmal shit show. I was racing towards the end just for the sake of completing the game, not to actually see what happened. There are some bits of the story I liked, but the fact that you can have nearly 10 hour gaps between new story stuff is absurd.


    I finally got around to playing the Burial at Sea DLC. THAT WAS REALLY COOL. Do I completely understand what happened? NOPE! But it was fun to see these characters and world one last time.

  • I don't play mobile games often, but this one is pretty sweet! It looks great, the puzzles are challenging, but not so ridiculous I need to look up a guide, and the music is subtle yet appropriate.

  • I mean, this was a much tighter experience than The Phantom Pain, and I got it for free, so technically it should go above it, but... eh. A cool prologue nonetheless.

  • Why do I keep playing this game..........

  • Pretty okay game. I didn't really care for the puzzles, the primary reason one would play this series. But I kept going to see through the mystery of the Golden Apple and St Mystere! Also, great music.