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The best freeware you've never played.

This is just a list of spectacular freeware indie games.

List items

  • Gorgeous early platformer which combines effortless fun and spectacular aesthetics.

  • Iji is another 2d action platformer, akin to Super Metroid in gameplay, in regards to the exploration, but somewhat linear in that it's level based. Well worth a try.

  • Knytt is just a hallmark in incredibly well designed ambient gaming. Like Bioshock, but 2D and a platformer. And no guns. Actually, it's not like Bioshock.

  • Excellent puzzle platformer with an unorthodox protagonist-it's a ball. Solid controls and great variabilty not to mention great easter eggs.

  • Delightful "Dungeon crawl" romp in a 2D platforming style. The only objective is to go deeper and deeper, finding more treasure.

  • Not necessarily freeware, but deserves a place on this list. Incredibly ambient game. Think Metroidvania in the ocean. Game progresses by learning a variety of songs and applying them to exploration. Phenomenal visuals.

  • Words cant describe this. Play it.

  • The most indepth and realistic sim of all time.