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one winged angel on theatrhythm like ten times as long as any of the other songs, and three times as hard lol

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Games I Need To Play or Need to Finish Playing

this list is going to be very long! I'll try to write something about each game and why I want to um, eventually play it. or finish playing it. because I'm very bad about finishing games. I'll start a game, then get distracted by another game, and then get distracted from that game by another game.... and so on.

List items

  • this one is pretty goddamn shameful. I love these games, but I guess I've never been particularly good at them (?) because each time I tried playing through this game I found it insanely difficult and gave up.

    The last time I tried was ages ago, though, and I've probably become better at games since then. this one I'm going to try again fairly soon I think/hope. Probably with the Ascension mod to make it even harder, because I'm a masochist/idiot.

  • I love the movie (I still need to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? though) and I like film noir and cyberpunk in general. Also, I've heard from a bunch of people that this game is great.

  • this being basically "that other game that is like the later fallout games", I want to play it sometime.

  • I got most of the way through this game before putting it down for some reason. The writing is incredible, particularly April Ryan's dialogue. Definitely finish it one of these days

  • this is probably the next game I'm going to play. people keep tossing around phrases like "my favourite game of all time" about this game.

  • I loved the original. Not sure why I never got around to playing through this. I am a huge sucker for all things related to film noir.

  • idunno, I hear it's good. space exploration games fascinate me... as a concept anyway.

  • same reasons as the above game really. I did play part of the original freespace and it was fairly good. I will of course be using the update mods.

  • yeah I don't know. I'll finish this when I have my own place probably. not been playing many console games lately because I live with my brother right now.

  • this one simply comes down to hardware and stubbornly refusing to invest serious time in playing a console version of this amazing game.

  • exact same reason. this game seems even better than fallout 3. soon!

  • this game scares me, honestly. also I'm waiting till I get a computer that can do it justice.

  • I liked what little I played of this game. It seems very very odd. Also, kinda hard, and full of kinda stupid-hard minigames (like one where you have to count time accurate to several miliseconds I seem to remember. ugh)

  • no comment

  • ...

  • oh god I swear I have a save that is at the very last dungeon. I will beat this eventually. I never owned it way back when because I got a snes years after they stopped selling it.

  • I tried to play this game once but the control scheme is hell of dated and needlessly complex, and I walked away. but everything else about it seems completely amazing and almost exactly what I want from a game.

  • I like film noir and also mad men and also gta 4. I'm waiting till I get a better computer.

  • I s-ranked Assassin's Creed II. I haven't even bought this one yet. probably get it for pc and play it with a controller.

  • I played up till the part where a ghost dropped a fucking elevator on me. then I stopped because I was terrified of that goddamn house.

    but I'll finish it one of these days.

  • I'll probably play this after I'm done fallout 2? Probably with a guide from somethingawful or some place to help me work out how to make a good character.

  • I like Tim Schafer's games/games involving Tim Schafer a lot. and this one is supposed to be really really good.

  • I loved super mario rpg. and in one of yahtzee's reviews he called this game really good.

  • I have this sitting around. the comment I left for super mario galaxy applies here.

  • the campaign in the original neverwinter nights is incredibly bad in my opinion. which is why I never bought this game when it came out. but I've heard that this expansion is really fucking good.

  • this game is heavily flawed, but I like it. eventually I will beat it. mostly because I want to play the sequel, made by obsidian. pazaak is the most irritating fucking bullshit card game ever and I swear the computer cheats.

  • see above.

  • I need to man the fuck up, read the manual and the guides, and invest some serious time into this game because it seems fascinating. The idea of taking on an ideology rather than a civilization in the space age is amazing. I wish they would remake this game because of course the execution is in some ways mad dated.

  • I got this game for free on GOG and I hear good things.

  • This game seems so great and completely insane. the actual gameplay might be a bit less fun, but I can tolerate a fair bit if the game has some interesting/unique stuff going on. Kind of a Through the Looking Glass vibe, you know?

  • I don't know much about this game actually. But I want to play it eventually.

  • yeah. I have never finished this game.

  • this game seems awesome and quirky and interesting. bit like psychonauts so far as I can tell, which is one of the best goddamn games ever made. just never got round to it... yet

  • I love this game, but I've never finished it because it is incredibly long.

  • normally I'm not really a huge fan of superfast rtses, and this is certainly that. but it's really good, somehow.

  • This game seems really fun I guess. I don't actually know anything about it. vaguely uncharted/indiana jonesish in feel if not in execution I think?