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Consoles I've owned

So I was a bit of a Nintendo child, but here you are.

List items

  • Bought it with a whole ton of games at a yard sale for like $10. Great investment, even if I never touched half the shovelware titles.

  • Way late on this one, but tons of hours from Final Fantasy, Faxandu, Legend of Zelda, and more.

  • Even later on this one, played a few platformers (Super Mario World, Donkey Kong Country 2), but didn't get a ton out of this one.

  • Didn't get it until the PS2 was late in its lifecycle, and really just borrowing a friend's, but it's not like he'll ever want it back. I never really even got around to playing most of the non-Final Fantasy important games on it, and doubt I ever will.

  • Contains the console game I probably spent the most time playing: Perfect Dark

  • Although Super Smash Bros. Melee is close -- still played competitively every now and again.

  • And Rock Band 2 definitely is no slouch either, and I'm still playing MW2.

    My first online console, and my current platform of choice.

  • Big ol' grey brick!

  • Ooooh pretty colors!

  • No SP for me!

  • Mine was a DS Lite... the hinges just broke... might upgrade to a DSi XL or wait for a 3DS.

  • Had a white 3DS and later a pink 3DS XL