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Games I have S-ranked

Not a review of these games, just a little look into my slow fall as an achievement whore. They're listed in reverse order of their "TrueAchievement ratio" which is a rough guide to how hard they are to complete. In addition, Prince of Persia isn't considered an S-rank on Giant Bomb, because I don't have the DLC. But I've done 1000/1000 so I'm happy. However, I completed the GOTY edition of Fallout 3, so I've achieved double full completion on it.

I have added Steam games as well, using "TrueSteamAchievements"

I wonder what old games would appear on here if Nintendo or Atari had come up with achievements many years prior.

Who knows, maybe I'll earn the Martin Luther/Sonny Liston achievement by earning other kinds of achievements! Or maybe not.

List items

  • I am not proud of this one, not proud at all. (1.006)

  • A short 1-hour little adventure that was mediocre at best. I had to look up the last mushroom, and the ending was... weird. (1.030)

  • It was free, it was fun to play through once, and pretty much all the achievements were earned in that one playthrough. (1.058)

  • Free from Games with Gold, fun little racing game. (1.124)

  • A game I bought (on sale) partially because of Giant Bomb's love for it, it was an easy 200, but also tons of fun. I don't have tons of Pac-Man nostalgia, as DDR was my arcade game of choice by the time I was going to arcades, but this was definitely a fun take on it. (1.127)

  • Another free Doritos product, good idea, but not so great execution. The co-op concept meant it was fun to play through a couple campaigns with my friend in person, but after an hour we had gotten most of what there was. Only three maps. (1.165)

  • Cute puzzle game, amazing atmosphere but a little too easy except for a couple levels. (1.199)

  • I love Diablo II and it may be the game I've spent the most time on in my life, so no surprise that Torchlight engulfed me. There was a bit of a gap in between starting and finishing this one, and it was a tad repetitive without multiplayer and took a bit of grinding to get maximum fame, but fun nonetheless. I did complete this on "hard" difficulty when I could have done so on easy, so I'm surprised at how low this falls but that difficulty explains it. (1.274)

  • Quick platformer was a perfect couple hour play when I couldn't think of something else to stream, and there were just a couple hidden things to find, and the "grindy" achievements popped naturally (1.337)

  • I really liked the idea of putting Favre on the cover, what with him retiring and all... yet he's still playing. I'll admit to a little overzealousness in completing this game, but ah well, it was fun. (1.399)

  • Another freebie, I used a bit of the fortune's tower glitch early on, but it still took a lot of grinding to win all the tournaments. And I enjoyed Fable II with or without this. (1.402)

  • Fun cute little game that took just one bit of grinding at the end and one boot up on a holiday to finish. (1.404)

  • A wonderful Metroidvania romp, I may not have bothered leveling up to 50 without that achievement, but everything else I was happy to accomplish - beating this game many times was a pleasure. (1.412)

  • A masterpiece that I enjoyed exploring every nook of in one playthrough, it took a long time for me to come back and finish the last two hard-difficulty related achievements, but I'm glad I did, as it was just as powerful another time through Rapture. One of the other reasons I was delayed in returning is minor... you can't change which thumbstick does which, and I prefer the "Southpaw" gaming setting, even though I am right handed. (1.431)

  • What a bargain at $20, and the achievements did a good job forcing me to play some of the lesser known games I might not have otherwise. Plus, 4 * Phantasy Star = win. (1.437)

  • Exploring every nook of this game is the whole point. All the DLC was great fun, as well. Very glad I get to play further with my character now. The DLC actually lowered the Ratio of the game. (1.455)

  • Idle game that the achievements just barely kept me interested enough to finish. (1.584)

  • Played a ton of ARPGs, didn't really fall in love with D3 on PC, especially after Path of Exile came out, but the console was surprisingly easy to play and fun to do couch co-op with. (1.618)

  • A good example of what I mean by old Nintendo games. Would I have S-ranked many Zelda games? Probably! Here's the next best thing! (1.548)

  • Played lots of paper Magic and some of these Duels games - happened to just need a couple more when COVID-19 started so I spent some time getting these last couple (1.615)

  • I'll admit, I used video guides to finish this one up, but it wasn't a particularly good Tower Defense game... in my opinion it required replaying maps far too often to fine tune a razor-thin strategy of deploying units as late as possible, and losing dozens of times when you deployed them a round too late. But I do love FFTA and FFTA2, so it was fun to be back in Ivalice(?) (1.659)

  • Another game I completed while WFH on another monitor, surprisingly deep and interesting for an idle/clicker, the restart loops were more interesting than probably any other I've played (1.670)

  • Quick fun puzzle game, would've preferred having some procedurally generated levels rather than just preset ones. (1.679)

  • Absolute classic I've done far more than complete. (1.719)

  • They did a good enough job porting this over to get me to play through plenty of games. No ability for massive maps and long-term games is a little off-putting, but it did get me to play some one-city and always-war variants that I love. (1.740)

  • Forced me to do a couple strange things with combat, and a little more thorough completing, but it was fun to stick with it. (1.749)

  • A decent initial effort ARPG, got most achievements in one playthrough with friends then spent an hour mopping up the last couple. Buggy and felt like it was falling apart at the end, and missing much to care about the plot or reason to keep playing, but as I said, good first effort. (1.762)

  • I was going to get everything out of this regardless, and I'm very glad I did. (1.771)

  • It was very cheap, I still love pretending to rock out, the achievements were really easy for a modern music rhythm game (I can 5-star Train Kept A-Rolling, I can't even beat Through the Fire and Flames) (1.808)

  • Puzzle game kind of like Minesweeper, wish it had auto-generated levels. Since you just have to beat the levels, no restrictions on mistakes/guessing/etc, it wasn't too tough. (1.893)

  • 100%d this on Steam, not too hard. Now using TrueSteamAchievements ratios. (2.126)

  • Played this primarily with my buddies on co-op streams; pushed us to get better, and we got pretty decent. Beating Skittergate on Legend was the hardest but we got there! Then it was just a grind to get other characters to level 30. (2.181)

  • By far my proudest -- it took me a 24-game winning streak online to get to level 20, and the tower of souls had me smashing my controller many, many times, but in the end I have mastered every aspect, and Sophitia still loves me. (2.209)

  • Bad visual novel game that I thought would be cute and let you pet cats but is actually about dating them no thanks.