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Best of 2010

fattonyxxl: Best of 2010

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  • I was incredibly hesitant when first buying this game as I just didn't see the appeal of horses, and cowboys. And here I am saying that this is my favourite game of 2010!

  • After buying AC 1 and 2 I was almost guaranteed I was going to buy this. At first I thought this was only a little expansion to the story and mainly focused on the multiplayer. How wrong I was! Definite buy! Stabbing dudes in the eye? NO! Whistling so other person does it for you? YES!

  • Yes! Despite the mediocre reviews I believe that any game that you have spent so many hours playing that you can't remember how long you've been playing for is definitely great! Just can't wait till GT6 now.

  • Well if this wasn't up here Kratos would be getting out of the depths of Hades-as usual-and well other than that this game had sweet graphics, bosses and the bad ass factor!

  • If not for the story, stunning visuals or Jason, then for the interesting controls used. This game, although not perfect, was a great game. Hopefully more games like this will come out.

  • One of my first games on the iOS and well, what a good start. Just the fact that you can release a game called "HAZE" on the PS2 and make millions, is just great. If you haven't played this game and have an iPod...WHATS GOING ON!

  • Despite not playing this, but playing the demo for un-holy hours I believe that Yakuza 3 deserves a space on the top 10 just for its vast universe.

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Play this game if you want to feel pain, especially if its a sub-par laptop like mine! Great MuthaF****n' game!

  • Yeaah

  • Too scared to play