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My All-Time Top 10

This list is just my favorite games ever. I'll probably come back to it like once a year or something.

List items

  • It's a painfully obvious choice by now, but I've only played this game three times since it came out, and it's always the best game I've ever played. While games have since done better the stuff Ocarina did first, the execution of all the ideas in Ocarina is perfect for this game.

  • This game is a jumbling broken mess, but I have never seen a JRPG story that's better combined with strategy gameplay with as much depth.

  • Squaresoft was on fire on the SNES and PSX in the 90s. Chrono Trigger is a game like no other: an exciting, compelling story about everything, some of the best JRPG music, and thoughtful treatment of every character. The gameplay is quick and challenging like you wouldn't expect from a JRPG, and the art style still looks great today.

  • This was the first truly "modern" game when consoles went HD, and most of the concepts within Bioshock are the oldest and most reliable ideas since games were capable of telling stories. Your are given morality-based choices to make at regular intervals, and the game tells a story about you, when all other games would tell a story to you.

  • This game made classic Pac-Man obsolete for me. What's the challenge of running through the same maze at a single speed?

  • We can agree to disagree on this, but sailing into the unknown to find all the pieces of Triforce before you can take on Ganon is one of my all-time favorite game memories. This game also does what no other Zelda game was able to do prior: establish the narrative of The Legend of Zelda as exactly that - a folk legend told throughout the ages.

  • You can have your Half-Life 2, this is the best game Valve has ever made. The original Portal is an all-time great game, but Portal 2 tells the very real story of unchecked capitalist arrogance in a game that is as fun to play as it is to watch.

  • This is the only game I've ever played that absolutely gets tower defense right by boiling that concept down to its essence. It doesn't matter if you play on a console, a handheld, tablet or a phone, Plants vs. Zombies is absolutely the perfect short-burst strategy game.

  • For me, Mario 3 and Mario World are pretty much interchangeable, but I have played and consistently returned to Mario 3 as many times as any other game on this list.

  • I only played Uncharted 2 once, and I'll probably never play Uncharted 2 again, but the dozen hours I spent climbing and exploring and double-crossing with Nathan Drake were the most fun I'd had in a video game since they stopped putting them on cartridges.