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I played all of Valkyria Chronicles 0

I have always enjoyed tactical RPGs. Even if the player experience is basically the same menu-based combat featured in most traditional JRPGs, the thrill of positioning several characters to execute the perfect attack on a single enemy satisfies in a way games like X-COM never could for me. Games like Shining Force, Ogre Battle, and Final Fantasy Tactics empower the player to find creative solutions to a problem with the skill sets they have created, and to build their own narratives about gener...

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I played all of Persona 4 0

I don't remember JRPGs being like this. When I was a kid in a family of meager means, a new Squaresoft game was the perfect companion to a long unsupervised summer while my parents were off at work. Most games would take a day or a weekend to beat, with frenetic gameplay and complex art, but it would be over soon and I would need a new game. There would be no story of note to remember, only the sequence of inputs and logical steps to achieve victory, and my only option was to play it again or h...

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