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Fearbeard - Game Rankings 2012

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  • The ending left a lot to be desired, but I thoroughly enjoyed everything up to that point. The multiplayer was a lot of fun as well. I usually don't play much horde mode because they can last way too long, but the bite size 10 waves system works really well, and the classes play differently enough to keep things interesting.

  • Excellent game. I thought the campaign was fantastic throughout, and the co-op seems pretty interesting but unfortunately the servers for it seem to be awful. Plays much better then Starbreeze's last game, The Darkness.

  • I really enjoyed the first game, and the second one is even better. What it lacks in interesting characters and dialogue it more then makes up for in fun open world action. The collectibles and side missions were far more compelling this time around.

  • Better then the first game in every way. I'm not sure I'll play around with the editor much though. User created content really hasn't interested me very much the last couple years.

  • I played the first game earlier in the year, and there was very little I actually liked about it. The sequel on the other hand does just about everything right. The variety of ways to kill is fantastic, and they flow so well together. I do wish the campaign was longer though. Awesome game.

  • This came out of nowhere to surprise me. I had a lot of fun with its cross between Burnout and Split/Second gameplay. Also it was nice to see a racing game without insane rubberbanding which made the races seem fair and when you ran really well and took a big lead it was rewarding.

  • Interesting game with some fantastic set pieces. I really did not enjoy the character action combat though, and the game's real ending is being sold as DLC which really rubs me the wrong way.

  • I'm not going to say this was a great game, but I honestly had more fun with it then I did with Resident Evil 5.

  • Was not impressed at all with this. Capcom really needs to start putting in some decent single player modes. Fortunately this was just a rental.