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Just bought FF VIII

Back in the day, I had a copy of FF VII (PC), I played it and was quite enjoying myself. Then the game started to drag for me, suddenly the characters I used to care about such as Cloud and Tifa became more and more flat. Sephiroth seemed kind of just weird to me, and I never got behind his whole "look" (never understood the goth kids at school at the time either, no offense to anyone out there I respect your views and what not). I pretty much stopped playing the game right around the middle of the second disc. Right after the amusement park area. Now people may say that I should have kept playing, but at that time I guess it was never meant to be.

My thought on FF 7 at the time.
My thought on FF 7 at the time.
A few years later I got a used Playstation for very cheap and played through Xenogears and Chrono Cross. I also had a copy of Final Fantasy VIII, I began playing it and actually didn't like it as much as I like seven at the start. I figured it would simply fade as well.

But a strange thing happened, I kept playing. Why? Maybe it was some of that magical power the series has that turns normal human beings into savage fan boys who can hear no wrong about their favorite characters and games. I was slowly growing to like these characters, I actually wanted to know what would happen to these band of different personas and their antics. Only Panzer Dragoon Saga before had me that compelled and drawn into the characters in a game. Skies of Arcadia was awesome as well, but you pretty much knew what was going to happen in that game and were playing more for the fun environments and crazy monsters\situations.

Then the Playstation died, well let me be more specific, the memory card died, then the PS1 died. I got it used so I shouldn't really complain, but so many hours gone to waste kind of killed my morale. Then i had college stuff to get ready for, I simply didn't have the time.

But I never forgot FF VIII, every few months or a year I would almost look up a FAQ and just read the story, but something always stopped me. Maybe I would play it after all.

With the announcement of FF 13 on 360, I knew it would be easier to play the new fantasy without shelling out a few hundred bucks, but I also didn't want to jump in at 13. I played a little ten at a friends house before, but Tidus always annoyed me.

Then today, I'm sitting here, moderating images and a FF VIII image comes up with the gallery labeled as PC screenshot. Hmm, I forgot it came out on the PC. I heard some shady things about the PC version, but what the hell, I have an old laptop that would run this game (I'm running Linux as of now on my main computer). So I took the plunge, and found an old copy online real quick and ordered it before I had second thoughts.

I know 13 and 8 aren't related (are they?) but I didn't want to play 13 as the first fantasy all the way through (I almost played all through 4 actually on an emulator back in high school I just remembered haha)
I figure I can finish this over the rest of summer, and finally figure out what happens to Squall and Rinoa, and maybe then I can have a better view of the series.

And who knows, maybe then I'll actually go back and play 7.