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Most Anticipated Games

I just ordered Tales of Vesperia and Infinite Undiscovery this past week, which got me thinking about the onslaught of games that will be released in the coming months.

Everyone has a list, and here is my most anticipated 360 games of the coming months:

10. Rock Band 2 - September 15th

Considering I've played the original Rock Band more than any other game in the past eight months, and I haven't bothered with the achievement points, so I'm pretty excited about the sequel.
I've read so many people claiming "You play the songs once and you have nothing else to do. Unless you want to pay for all the downloads. Fail.", which is all good I guess, but as countless
people know, you get a good group of friends together and start passing around different instruments, going for gold stars, making complete fools of yourselves on ridiculous songs, and this
game takes on a life of its own. With so many bands making their debut, as well as a crazy amount of variety this time around, September 15th will be a day I probably won't sleep.


9. Baja: Edge of Control - September 22nd

I'm a sucker for off road racing games. Back in the Dreamcast days, hours upon hours would be spent with 4-Wheel Thunder and I will willingly admit that Monster Truck Madness was one of my favorite
PC game in the 90's. With the new generation of hardware, it's pretty incredible to see what people are doing in terms of racing dynamics. DiRT and Motorstorm were the first to show the potential that
was available if some quality time was put into a title, now Baja takes it one step further with amazingly expansive environments and some pretty cool sounding game modes. I can easily see myself
sitting down for the whole endurance event in this game.


8. Tomb Raider Underworld - November 18th

I only got into the Tomb Raider games with the release of Legend a couple years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least, since I came in not expecting much. Underworld hopes to blend the action of Legend with the adventure elements of Anniversary, recent hands on previews said the games was still in quite an unfinished state, so hopefully the product is cleaned up before November, but they might release an unpolished product. Heres hoping for the best.


7. Battle Fantasia - September 16th

Ummm...I'm just happy these crazy Japanese games are coming over to the states for the 360. A nice change of pace if you ask me.


6. Midnight Club: Los Angeles - October 7th

I love the racing games! The amount of cars promised is pretty cool, and the detail shown in the city is pretty impressive as well, going for a somewhat stylized realistic look instead of the uber-over-designed look of Need for Speed cities. With games like this, it's the event choices that make or break it in the end. No one want to drag race the same strip of road eighty times to unlock the newest car or challenge, but with the variety of cars offered I'm sure the developers will have plenty of options available to them.


5. Fallout 3 - Octover 28th

Now this is post apocalyptic done right. With a game of this caliber and pedigree, a lot is expected. But at the same time, not much has to be said. I think everyone is looking forward to this one with some skepticism, but just as much excitement. Time will tell.


4. Gears of War 2 - November 7th

Much like the previous entry, this game speaks for itself at this point. More of everything hopefully means way more fun. Oh, and why does Cliff B. wear the tightest t-shirts he can find?


3. Need for Speed Undercover - November 18th

It seems like Electronic Arts finally realized what Need for Speed needs to be. If one remembers, from the very first game in the series circa '95, cops would pull you over if you drove to fast and recklessly. Somewhere along the line the games started to lose there way, then came a sign of the past blended in perfectly with the present when Most Wanted made its debut. I mean Carbon wasn't bad, but Pro Street was questionable at best. Need for Speed was never about the racing, let's be honest, it was simply about going fast through sweet environments. Anyone remember Hot Pursuit? That game had so many shortcuts and different approaches to the race that to me it still is the pinnacle of the series. It even let you play as the cops in multiplayer which opened up it's own set of craziness. Plus I swear whoever designed the Pontiac Solstice got inspiration from the secret car in the game, El Nino. Undercover better not break my heart, because I already have high expectations.


2. Prince of Persia - Q4 2008

No solid release date that I could find, but I'm guessing late November early December if it comes out this year. It could easily be delayed till January or February. I love the concept of fighting only one enemy at a time, much like the original Prince of Persia (not Sands of Time). The art style is pretty slick as well, lots of lush colors in sweeping arrangements make it look like a painting at times. They have to release more information soon I'd expect.


1. The Last Remnant - November 20th

I must have watched the trailer dozens of time on Xbox Live. From the guy with the crazy eye, to the cast of various characters and intriguing storyline, the game looks to fill the void that was left with the depressingly disappointing Lost Odyssey.