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Patience is a virtue, submissions will be cleared.

I know they've said that submissions will be moderated on the order that they are received, but this is obviously not the case since images and changes I've submitted way back when are still not moderated while more recent ones have been.

However, through all this you have to remember the absolute RIDICULOUS amount of content they are probably receiving right now, even with all the man power and time they're putting behind it there will be delays. I don't think there's any reason for people to get so up in arms about whatever x amount of submissions that have yet to be moderated, eventually the people who truly want to add great content to the site will have over 1,000 points and be able to make live edits.

Does it really matter how fast you get there? To some of you maybe, and well, I guess that's your own problem to figure out. I mean the site is only barely half a week old at this points, with any new release of anything, there will be bugs and some problems. I'm sure they're hard at work on resolving all of them.

You are all warriors to go through so many submissions, and I salute you!