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The worst run of my life.

So I ran the New York City Half-Marathon this weekend. This is the second time I did it, the first being last year.

The weather this year was much worse than last. Where as before it was a little hotter, at least the air was dry. This year we had 90% humidity, which pretty much meant running through Central Park
was more or less like running through a steam room.

I was able to beat my last year's time by three and half minutes, which is good, but last year I didn't feel like I was literally about to implode onto myself after the race. I also didn't pace myself very well this time, going way too fast the first third of the race, and then pretty much dying once we got out of Central Park and down into Times Square. I couldn't enjoy any of the bands playing on the sidelines or people screaming because the only thing I could think of was the pain in my legs and how much my chest hurt from the humid air. In retrospect, I drank too much water before the race. So here's a tip, drink Gatorade or something instead, I obviously didn't have enough sodium and felt like I had to puke the entire race because of it. I was also stupid and only took water during the fluid stations, they had Gatorade and I probably should have taken more of that.

Luckily in the last mile I saw someone who passed me earlier on and was able to catch up to him. We pretty much sprinted the last half mile and I was barely able to pull ahead in the last 100 meters or so. At the finish line my sight went all blurry and white on the edges and I lost focus, they got pictures of everyone at the finish, and when they post those up I wanna see how miserable I looked. My sister ran the race also, and when we met up right after the race, she just looks at me and say "Are you O.K? You don't look so good?" She looked like she could run another race, which I don't doubt since she has ran a full marathon before (not something I plan on doing anytime soon).

With all these long distance races they give you a chip to tie to your shoe to record times, and after the race Nike makes this sweet graph, mine is below. For comparison, last year I got 1024th or something out of the field. The race lets in around 13,000 people with the majority running around 2:00, a lot of people do this race just to qualify for the NYC ING Marathon, since this is one of the races you can do to guarantee entry to that race, and they usually do it as another run, not an actual race, if that makes sense.