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Less than the sum of its parts. 3

I really wanted to like Lost Odyssey, I really did. But after spending nearly 60 hours with the game, the only thing I came away with, was wanting those 60 hours back. From a gameplay perspective, Lost Odyssey does nothing wrong. It has a very polished and strategic turn-based battle system, that almost feels like a tactical experience in the last quarter of the game when you get to choose from nine playable character to bring into battle. Each character can equip hundreds of items and learn ton...

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The game you don't want to like, but do. 1

This game came out way back in the year known as 2006. Before all that Forza Motorsport business came and declared dominance on the 360, but after PGR 3 was on the scene for about a year. That said, Import Tuner Challenge (or Shutoku Battle X it’s known in Japan) is a totally different racing game than you’ve probably ever played (or won’t play, let’s be honest). No longer are you racing around a confined track, there are no laps, no official starting lines, no checkpoints, and no finishes. Inst...

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