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Possibly the single best modern PC game- 0

Team Fortress 2 is the sequel the Mod for the Quake of a similiar name, sans the 2. The game is a first person shooter that is purely online and sets the Cutthrought Red Team against the despicable Blue team. The game features dozens of maps and a variety of gametypes(But doesnt feature any Deathmatch modes?).  The maps are built with pre-assigned gametypes, this makes the maps more balanced and better designed for each gametype. The two most popular gametypes are Capture the Flag and Control po...

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Red Alert 3 is a fantastic and fresh RTS- 0

Red Alert 3 is the crazy sibling of the Classic RTS series Command and Conquer and Red Alert 3 lives upto that name, with superb gameplay, silly plot and voice acting and great unit design.  The plot goes something like this- The Soviets are about to lose the cold war so they use a time machine to go back in time and kill Albert Einstein in order to gain Technological superiority over the Allies. This inadvertantly creates a new Threat for the Soviets in the form of the Empire of the rising sun....

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A fantastic end to an EPIC trilogy- 0

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones is both sequel to Warrior Within and The end of the Sands of Time Trilogy. It combined the unique storytelling and character elements and enviroments that made Sands of Time great with the standout combat of Warrior Within.  The story continues from the secret ending of Warrior Within, in which The Prince and Kaileena are both able to change their fates and kill the Dahaka they then return to Babylon to find the city in flames.  The Princes actions have altered ...

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Two Steps forward in gameplay, several steps back in Story- 0

Prince of Persia: Warrior within is the sequel to The Sands of time and the dark middle chapter in the Sands of Time Trilogy.  The plot can be somewhat confusing if you have not played The Sands of Time. The story begins with the Prince being hunted by the Dahaka, a living embodiment of destiny. The Prince was supposed to die when he unleashed the Sands of Time and by changing the path of history has cheated his fate. The Dahaka hunts the Prince in order to correct history. This leads the Prince...

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An Enchanting Platformer- 1

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a remarkable and enchanting game. It combined fluid visuals with engrossing storytelling and stellar level design to form a unique standard of game that is rarely achieved.  The plot of the game follows the titular Prince of Persia, who is manipulated into unleashing the Sands of time which turn everyone in the palace the game is set in into horrible Sand Demons. The only exceptions to this horrible fate are Farah and the Vizer.  The Vizer is the games Anta...

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Beat Hazard is a blast but kinda shallow- 0

Beat Hazard is a unique indie game that creates bullet hell shooter levels out of your music.  Players take control of a small spaceship and take on hordes of enemy ships, asteroids and giant bosses that are dynamically generated from MP3's similiar to the indie game Audiosurf.    The game is a blast to play with your music, it is easy to learn but very hard to master and its kinda hard to write a review when the game youve played has been generated based on your music. The game uses very pretty...

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A solid Multiplayer title that suffers- 0

Lead and Gold is the new title from Indie developer FatShark and is a team based Multiplayer shooter in a western setting. It is a very similiar game to TF2 despite the change in perspective.  Players can play a variety of game modes which are western twists on classic multiplayer gametypes, For example Shootout is Team Deathmatch.  Players can choose between one of Four classes to play in the games strong array of maps- The Blaster - Is a shotgun wielding prospector who can also toss dynamite a...

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A great game, A sub-par stealth game- 2

Splinter Cell and Metal Gear Solid have always been the two stealth game franchises that went head to head in each console generation.  In MGS4 Kojima, went for a more action focused game rather than stealth, Ubisoft has followed suit with Splinter Cell Conviction.  The story sets Sam fisher as a rogue agent working against third echelon to find his daughter whom he believed dead. The story is actually fairly straightforward and lies somewhere between Jason Bourne and Classic Tom Clancy as far a...

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A wild ride that ultimately much more forgettable than Fear 1 0

The original Fear was one of the key games that got me into First Person Shooter games, and was a very memorable Horror First Person shooter to boot. Fear 2 evolves and refines the gameplay with some success but loses the tactical and stylized gunplay that made the original so great.  The story of Fear 2 starts a couple of hours prior to the ending of the original and has you playing a new character by the name of Micheal Beckett. Who is part of a military team sent in to retrieve Genevieve Aist...

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A great game despite being very similiar to its predecessor- 0

Call of Duty World at War is Treyarchs second attempt at a Call of Duty Game. After the disaster that was Call of Duty 3, they managed to Build a solid FPS, that overall can seem a bit derivative.  The game uses the same engine as COD4 but is set in the classic Call of Duty World war 2 setting. Due to it using the same engine as Call of Duty 4 it seems very samey to its predecessor  although it is significantly less modern. The game uses multiple main characters similiar to Call of Duty 4, with ...

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A great improvement on the original despite being censored- 0

 The original left 4 dead holds some of my favorite gaming memories of all time. Me and my mates would scramble through each of the campaigns together and I swear the amount of time I spent in versus mode rivalled the amount of time I spent in WoW(read:lots).The sequel garnered quite a bit of bad press(locally at least) regarding the fact that the game would be censored for Aussie gamers. This turned me off buying the game so my love of zombie killing faded. UNTIL valve decided to put Left 4 Dea...

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A flawerd Gem but a Gem nonetheless 0

Indigo Prophecy is the second game by Qantic Dream and could be described as the natural progression of the point and click adventure game.  The game follows the story of a man named Lucas Cane who suddenly loses control of his own body and murders someone in a diner, after narrowly escaping a police officer at the diner the game switches your control over to two detectives(Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles) who are investigating the murder in the diner. The key to Indigo Prophecy is how flexible th...

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The Best open world game in years- 0

That title might be grabbing your attention and be urging you to say "But Ferginator GTA4 is the best open world game ever!!!" and to you i would say that the GTA series has never had any appeal to me, partially due to its juvenile approach to crime, whilst also trying to tell a serious story of criminals, thats not to say im a super serious gamer who dosen't want any humor in games as i loved Saints Row 2. Anyway thats a different argument for another time and besides Infamous has none of these...

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The best ARPG since Diablo 2- 0

Borderlands is a unique game, its contains lots of elements from First Person Shooters like Halo and has a setting very similiar to last years "Fallout 3"  but at heart Borderlands is an Action RPG.  The game sets you as one of four different vault hunters- The Hunter who specializes in sniping and commands a bloodwing pet which can be used to attack enemies.The Siren who has powerful elemental attacks and can phasewalk past (or through) foesThe Soldier who can use a turret and specializes in a ...

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An amazing game and a worthy follow up to COD4 for the most part 0

  Call of Duty 4 was one of the biggest games in recent years, it overhauled the way gamers played shooters online and provided a stellar single player campaign that could be compared with a rollercoaster. The original COD4 had the player changing characters and this is very much the same in MW2 with you spending the majority of the game playing as ‘Roach’ Sanderson who is a protégé to Captain ‘Soap’ Mctavish of Task Force 141 a counter terrorist group that works to fight against Russian U...

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A triumph for not just licensed games but gaming overall- 0

Lets be honest here Licensed games have a bad reputation and superhero games have always been some of the worst when it comes to licensed games. Batman: Arkham Asylum is not a bad game, its not an average game, its a stellar game and one of the standout titles of the year.   When B:AA was announced it was partially shunned for being announced around the time of "The Dark Knight" release in theaters and some assumed the game would just be a crappy tie-in. Thankfully this is not the case as the ga...

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A modern FPS that's not revolutionary but alot of fun 0

The Original Wolfenstein was the game that engineered the FPS genre and its modern iteration is not as revolutionary to the genre as the original but still a lot of fun.  The game is set in World War 2 with you taking control of American Commando B.J. Bazkowitz, who is sent to a remote German city where Nazis are experimenting with a powerful energy source called the Black Sun. This sents him through a variety of cool historic enviroments that are very well designed and feel alive. The Levels of...

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One of the Most Fun and Stylish FPS games this generation- 0

The Original Call of Jaurez was a sleeper hit that slipped over most peoples radars but was generally well recieved, the question is wheather Bound in Blood can continue that trend and become the definitive next-gen Wild West Game.In Short, Yes. Bound in Blood easily suprasses many modern shooters and presents a cohesive gaming package that anyone who is a fan of Good Shooters can enjoy.The Story of Bound in Blood goes into the origins of the Preacher in the first game by the name of Ray McCall ...

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A unique modern Platformer- 0

Trine is a 2D indie game from game developer FrozenByte and oozes prettyness from every part of this game, especially the levels...and the Character design....and the narrator...and the Aw hell the whole game is pretty!The Story in Trine has a wizard's, knight's and thief's souls become merged when they touch a mysterious object they later discover to be the Trine. This event causes them to be merged into one being and leads to some of the best modern platforming of this generation.The Character...

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One of the Most suprising Games this year- 1

DICE is known for its Battlefield Series on the PC and Consoles, its also known for the realism and excellent Multiplayer Present in almost all of their games, The Latter of which is present in their latest entry to the Battlefield Series, Heroes.The Previous Battlefield games have been heavy on realism and high quality graphics, Battlefield Heroes ditches these in exchange for a cartoony art style and arcadey type of gameplay, Whilst the graphics might initially bear a resembelance to Team Fort...

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One of the most unique games in the last couple of years- 0

Far cry 2 is a difficult game to classify, on a base level it is a first person shooter but is also greatly enchanced andinfluenced by open world games like Elder Scrolls and GTA. It also blurs the line between PC and Consoles by Having Collectables (usually a console gamer thing) and a dynamic openworld (usually a pc gamer thing).It is also unique in the fact that as a sequel, it shares nothing with its predesessor than the fact that its a first person shooter, all these factors make Far Cry 2 ...

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Pure Multiplayer Madness- 1

Quake 3 is The Grandfather of todays popular Shooters, all your Halos, Call of Dutys and Counter Strikes would never have happened if Quake 3 was never made, and on top of all that gaming signifigance the game is totally awesome!The Gameplay in Quake 3 is A Shooter at its Purest it features 9 Unique and Perfectly Balanced Weapons as well as 4 Game Modes that have become standard in Todays Shooters, the game is very fasted pace and requires a lot of Shooter 'Twitch'.The Game Features a Huge Varie...

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Gaints: Citizen Kabuto is a Fantastic Hybrid game- 0

Giants: Citizen Kabuto(Henceforth Referred to as GCK) is a hybrid game that merges elements of Open World and Third Person Shooter Games With Real Time Stratagy games to create a game experience that you will never be able to experience again.GCK follows the story of three races,The Meccryn- These are the a group of British Space Marines who rely on weaponry and Cool Jetpacks.The Sea Reapers - These Mystical Beings use Powerful Magics to There advantage.Kabuto- Kabuto is basically a Godzilla Siz...

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One of the Most Original and Unique Games ever- 1

Psychonauts is a Brilliant and Original action adventure game from the mind of Tim Schafer, who is known for creating games with great stories that are wrapped in well designed gameplay and this trend continues in Psychonauts.In Psychonauts you take control of Raz, a young psychic who runs away from his dad to visit Whispering Rock Summer Camp for Psychics and Races to Become a Psychonaut and Discover the secret of Whispering Rock.The Gameplay of Psychonauts is very classic 3D platforming in the...

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Forget Bioshock, this is the true successor to the SHOCK name- 1

Once upon a time, there was a game by the name of System Shock 2.It was a hybrid game that succesfully merged RPG, adventure, horror and FPS game elements to create one of the best games of all time.Unfortunately the game didn't sell very well and the company that made the game went out of Buisness and the people who worked there split into two groups.Half of them Went to make a game by the Name of Bioshock, this was a heavily dumbed down version of System Shock 2 for Consoles, The other half we...

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A Fantastic Experience ofGhostbustin ruined- 2

Before i start let me say one thing - I Love Ghostbusters, i adore the films and was especially exited about the game because it was set up as the third movie. The game plays exactly how you would expect with you playing as a new recruit of the Ghostbusters, you're able to interact with all the characters from the films who all have brilliant voice acting and an excellent script, all these Elements are ruined by the Draconian Difficulty of the Game/PC Version. The Mechanics of Busting Ghosts ar...

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Unleash your wrath as the Prototype in this open world game- 0

Radical Entertainments last game was Hulk:Ultimate Destruction, it was a criminally underplayed game that had you playing the Incredible Hulk in a GTA style open world, the game gave you a dynamically changing world and a nigh on invincible character to destroy it as.In Prototype these elements are expanded upon as this time Radical Are not restricted by a license, they have created their own Anti-Hero Character in the form of Alex Mercer, the Prototype.Mercer is able to Alter his genetic code t...

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Succeeds on the problems of KOTOR in an original world- 0

Bioware is primarily known for two games-Balders Gate- This game series set a new standard in the fantasy RPG world.KOTOR- Primarily known as the best Star Wars game ever made.As great as these two games are, They and Bioware have been limited by these licenses for a long time, so they decided to bring there great approach to game design to an Original title set in an Original Universe, The result of this is Called Mass Effect, and its one of the Greatest RPG's ever made.The Story in Mass Effect...

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Despite its flaws, Prince of Persia is an experience for anyone 0

Prince of Persia is Ubisofts second reboot of the Prince of Persia Franchise and innovates in more ways than its predecessors, with superb design and a unique graphics style Prince of Persia is an experience for everyone.The Story of Prince of Persia has nothing to do with the previous games short of a few references and involves the new Prince who is a lonely traveller in a desert searching for his donkey, he discovers a girl named Elika Who initially resents him but grows to like him, Elika is...

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A Great Combat system allows Raven to Bring justice to Wolverine- 0

So another year goes by, another Superhero movie game comes out, this time its X-Men Origins Wolverine and it succeeds primarily because it does what no video game has done before....Have Wolverines claws kill people.In the Official Game of the recently released movie you play as Wolverine in two storylines that run parallel to each other and use your claws to tear foes into several bloody bite sized peices.The story of Wolverine takes place in two parallel time periods the first being a mission...

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A Very well designed game that, above all is great fun! 0

Plants Vs Zombies is Popcap games latest take on the tower defence genre, in which you play a gardener who must defend his home from a lovable horde of zombies.The game retains standard tower defence elements such as timed waves and varied enemy types but PVZ takes these elements and does them in style.All plants cost Solar Power which will drop from the sky during the day but can also be produced by certain plants, you can spend your solar power on over 40 different plants that are unlocked as ...

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A Step forward in storytelling, two steps back in execution- 0

Cryostasis :The Sleep of Reason is a European First Person Adventure game which has you taking the role of a Meteorologist who is sent to visit a nuclear icebreaker known as the North Wind.The game has elements of survival horror to it, from the scary monster designs to the eerie background noise that immerses you in the dark, cold and heartless world of Cryostasis.The North wind has broken down for unknown reasons and its up to you to explore the ruined ship and discover what has transpired usi...

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Give it a go, you might be suprised- 2

Okay ill be honest, expectations of this game for me were at subterranean levels and i think i can assume the same for anyone reading this, but beneath the very crappy exterior is an above average Devil May Cry clone.X-blades is an Anime styled action game in the vein of Devil May Cry or God of War, with fast paced frenetic combat and upgradable abilities and epic bosses.The story of X-Blades follows a female treasure hunter named "Ayumi" who has ventured to a mysterious island seeking a relic o...

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One of if not THE best shooter ever. 0

Call of Duty 4 modern warfare is a first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward that brings the Call of Duty series from the stale WW2 Setting to the fresh and exiting world of Modern Warfare.The Single player portion of the game has follows an SAS trooper named "Soap" and a American Marine named Paul Jackson, the game swaps between the two soldiers perspectives every couple of levels which keeps the game settings fresh.Soaps missions are more stealth focused but the game allows you to go cha...

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A nice return to the Brawler Genre- 0

I'm Relatively late to the Watchmen Party having only read the book for the first time in February this year, sothe Watchmen game was looking very interesting especially since the game was a brawler.The Plot of the game follows off a throwaway line in the Book/Movie with Rorshach and Nite Owl going after the escaped Criminal Underboss with the story presented in Watchmen Motion Comic-esque form although the story of the game really is quite lackluster.The combat in the game is very simplistic bu...

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A fitting Finale to a 10 year story arc- 1

My Expectations for Resident Evil 5 were pretty average when i first heard of it, but at that point i had not played a Resident Evil game before, after getting into the series and seeing the trailers before the games release , i felt i was now shoot some (not)zombies.So the game has you playing as recurring character of the series "Chris Redfield" on a mission to investigate bio terrorism in Africa, once he lands in Africa and meets the new companion character of the game "Sheva Alam...

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A Solid Action Game and a fitting Finale to the 10 year story arc 0

My Expectations for Resident Evil 5 were pretty average when i first heard of it, but at that point i had not played a Resident Evil game before, after getting into the series and seeing the trailers before the games release , i felt i was now shoot some (not)zombies.So the game has you playing as recurring character of the series "Chris Redfield" on a mission to investigate bio terrorism in Africa, once he lands in Africa and meets the new companion character of the game "Sheva Alam...

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A deceptively casual Puzzle game- 1

Braid is an Indie game developed by Johnathan Blow, and at first glance may look like a platformer but is actually a Deep Puzzler that will frustrate and amaze.Braid is centered around the main character Tim who is searching for his lost love, and the story is presented in optional text.The key to Braid is its puzzles which are all based around using time travel, Tim has an unlimited ability to rewind time and this is used to gather puzzle pieces and solve puzzles.Each world forces you to think ...

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The game for all stratagy players- 1

A good deal of people believe Demigod is basically DOTA (Defence of the Ancients) in retail form but it actually has several key differences that i feel make it a better game.Now for those who haven't heard heard of it Defence of the Ancients is a custom map for Warcraft 3 that revolves around players controlling a single hero which can be leveled up and customized, players must then work together to destroy the enemy base, which is defended by computer controlled minions and powerful towers as ...

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The Reason to play games- 0

Initially it wasn't looking so good, the game continuously crashed and was riddled with glitches making it all but unplayable, however i persevered and managed to fix the crashes and most of the bugs and was in return given one of the greatest gaming experiences of my life.Fallout 3 is an Open world RPG by Bethesda Game Studios who are known mainly for their Elder Scrolls Series, the game is the sequel to the Fallout RPG games made by the now extinct Black Isle Studios and is set in a post nucle...

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