Are any of you excited for the NHL playoffs?

  Normally I'm pretty excited about hockey in general... This year I will be even more of a nervous wreck than I was last year however. Last year wasn't a big deal, as the Philadelphia Flyers snuck into the playoffs with a win over the New York Rangers..   


  Little did I think they'd actually have a shot at the cup and make it to game 6 in the finals, in a crushing blow in OT.. dealt by none other than Patrick Kane.  Again this year will be different. We have high hopes.. high expectations. We're currently seated #1 in the Eastern Conference, and are expected to make another solid run for the cup this year. This worries me because I think Philly flourishes being the underdogs, and is really a team that needs to prove something in order to be successful. Mentally for the Flyers, this may not happen until they meet Vancouver (which currently holds the best season record, and is expected to be in the cup finals as well)  and may never happen, if they don't play like every single game is their last. 
 Our weakness of late (past 2 months) is our touted defense, and goaltending. Bobs and Boosh were both off to a great start this season, really giving us the feeling that we were finally complete. We picked up a few more defensemen so we could give Pronger some much needed rest.. and it was looking goood. This however has not been the case. With the defense caving at times, Bobs letting soft goals by, and Boosh remaining inconsistent (having yet to record a single shutout).. it's hard to say what the future will hold. 
 While I try to just think of it as "just a game".. it's not. It's more than that... it's bringing home that cup, it's achieving the golden goose. Without that, it's going to be extremely tough to face next year without feeling a little demoralized. That said.. the time is now. Raise your orange, black, and white with me, The broad street bullies need to reign supreme!                   -Good ol Hextall-
 So those of you hockey fans out there... are your teams prepared for the playoffs? Who do you like, and what are your thoughts?