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Best of 2010

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 This is my personal list of top games in 2010. 
Other games of notible mention that didn't make in on my list simply because I couldn't afford to buy them this year:
1) Assassins Creed Brotherhood. 
2) Halo Reach
3) Darkstar One
And games that didn't make it but came close:
1) Red Dead Redemption (Mexico just took the wind out of its sails and I haven't wanted to go back and beat the game)
2) Toy Story 3 (it was just too short to earn its price tag... still, best movie game in a LONG time)
3) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker (I kept going back to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite instead)

List items

  • No other game kept my coming back more often than this one. To have put in more hours in this game than I did with Dragon Quest is a huge surprise to me, but because of that, I have to give it my number 1 spot.

  • I am not a huge Dragon Quest Fan. That said, I did really enjoy the change of pace this game brought to bare with it's switch to the hand-held platform. If I were still playing it, it would have taken the number 1 spot, but because I haven't picked it up in over a month, its at number 2.

  • It manages to out shine the original in almost every way. Having a reason to go back to the land of keflings was reason enough for me to buy it early (through an invite to the game the day before its release). No game had me as excited for its release, so this one gets number 3.

  • Almost simply because it's one of the few games my wife enjoyed. The humor and simple gameplay were a winning formula. Its not a fallout game, and as good as fallout is, this game shines because of its simplicity. Number 4.

  • I hesitate to put this one so high. I haven't finished it yet, and it came out in the early part of the year. This isn't it's fault however, as I enjoyed the game on so many levels. When I put it on this list, and compared the respect I have for it with the rest, it finds itself at number 5.

  • If my wife wasn't so turned off by the violence in this game, I am sure this game would stay in the tray a lot longer than it does. The violence filter is actually the only reason I am able to play it with her around, and a feature that I wish more games like this had. For its multi-player, this one gets the number 6 spot.

  • I almost put this game above Black Ops... almost. The design quality of this game does out shine that of Black Ops, and there is almost as much replay value here as with the above, but playing Super Meat boy for more than an hour at a time becomes something other than fun. Due to frustration, this one only goes to number 7.

  • I have to be honest. I haven't even played New Vegas (I only just purchased it today from steam during the sale), but because of how much I loved fallout 3, this one charts at number 8.

  • I didn't ever get Dead Rising 2 (not for lack of want to, just for lack of funds), but even if I did, I still think Case Zero would be on this list because of its insane value. $5 for most of what I want from a Dead Rising game gets this one on the list at number 9.

  • Because the game is so good, and the Game of the Year edition came out this year, I wanted to put it on my list. I played the crap out of the Xbox version, and decided that wasn't enough, so I picked it up cheap on Steam during a sale, and played a bunch more of it there. Just because, it's at number 10.