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My Own E3 Experience

As Much as I'd like to be over in Los Angeles right now, I just simply can't. It's just too damn hot over there. And also I hear it costs a couple of dollars to get there or something... but I'm not complaining! Because today I had my own little E3 experience in a dark room in sweden. And before the naughty thoughys occupy your mind, let me say it was the less exiting part of an E3 Experience: gaming. (I have no idea what the "more" exiting part is, so don't even bother asking)
I got a phone call from a friend of mine who's studying 3D animation. He told me to come check out a game he and his friends had been working on fr the last two months. Since I was lying in my sofa at home, collecting feathers in Assassins Creed 2, I said "Sure, why not".
I took the metro like any other enviorment enthusiast. It took about 30 minutes to get there.
As I got into the dark room where the game was being shown, the stench of sweat and energy drinks was overwhelming. And to my amazement, the place was completely packed. I mean I was expecting a "Hey Filip, check out this thing we've been working on, what do you think?" But instead, it was like a fucking realease party. People were lining up, and there were competitions going on. Seriosly, were did all these people come from? I didn't even know them. 
So finally one of my friends greeted me and showed me to his personal computer where I could try the came. After I drank 5 glasses of the free Cola, of course.
The game was called, I guess "The great art theft" for lack of a better translator. It was powered by the Unreal 3 engine, which was kinda cool. It took place in a museum, and you played as a classic thief, dressed in black and white striped clothes. Guards were of course roaming the hallways, and you were supposed to collect 10 items in the museum within 5 minutes. It was a pretty fun game actually, much more so than I expected. Also, as I mentioned, there was a competition where the one who collected all the items in the shortest amount of time, won 100 dollars. 
I didn't win...
After I played the game. I chatted a little bit with people. And then snatched as much of the snacks as I culd before I left. Took the metro, 30 minutes, home. And resumed to collecting feathers in Assassins Creed 2... So that's my E3...