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As I was playing around with my profile, trying to figure out how to connect my account with facebook, and doing some of those quests, I realized I havn't written a blog on here yet. And what time is more appropriate than right now, during e3? 
I watched the E3 show livestream for 10 straight hours yesterday, and by the time it was over, the sun had once again rised and it was 5 am in the morning. I slept for about 3 hours, so I think it's safe to say that I'm a gamer... Due to this lack of sleep, I also apoligize for possible bad spelling, and occational randomness.
You know you're a great blogger when you're writing your first blog, and have absolutely no idea what to say. Not to worry! 'Cause after all, it's E3!
 Yesterdays press-conferences, Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft and Sony set the bar pretty low. Microsoft started out with a live demo of Modern Warfare 3, which, surprisingly enough, reminded me a lot of Modern Warfare 2. But none the less, it looked pretty good I guess. However, what we had to endure for the next hour included people talking to their tv (Imagine sitting alone in your house, talking to a goddamn television... yeah... that's what the world is coming too...) and kid actors fist bumping. To me... it wasn't the strongest conference I've seen... Sure they ended with a reveal trailer for Halo 4. But the game is obviously not developed by Bungie, and seemes like nothing more than a way to make more money out of the franchise, so to be honest, I'm not exited at all...
Next up was EA, who started with saying something like  "we don't need celebreties in our Conference" but then 30 minutes later, there stood 3 of the biggest nfl players in america... A highlight in the conference were the gameplay for Battlefield 3, which looks really good, although I'd love to see some more muliplayer. To me, that's what Batllefield is all about, and I really hope Dice aren't focusing too much on the single player for this one. Not a very memorable Conference.
Ubisoft was up next, showing some pretty decent games. That mr. Caffeine made me wanna punch someone in the face, but I think the amount of interesting games saved 
  Ubi a bit. Far Cry 3 looked really good at first, some Tarantioish dialouge and a very nerve-wrecking underwater scene. But then the action broke out and suddenly it didn't look  interesting anymore. Assassin's Creed Revelations was my favorite by far, it looked amazing, the graphics were stunning, the gameplay looked solid, and our good friend Leonardo has managed to create a f*ing flamethrower! Looking forward to that.
The Sony Conference, started at 2am swedish time. I was tired, but eager to see what they had in store. They opened with an honest apology, which was nice, it felt real. And right away they started with the games, great start. Uncharted looked Amazing. Just watching him run on that ship made my heart beat faster. The water looked absolutely amazing. So far so good... although... As I feared, Sony did exactly what Microsoft did. What followed was 30 minutes on Move, a trailer for Sly 4, which was nice, another 30 minutes on Vita, we where given information about it we already know. They announced the official name which we already kinda knew too. And the price at 250/299 which wasn't that big of a surprise either.... After something like this, I was jsut waiting for the big reveal at the end. Like last year, when Gabe Newell came out. But no... nothing... I was very disapointed at Sony's conference, I was honestly expcting A LOT more from them.
The Second day of E3, Today. Nintendo is going to reveal their new console, awesome!  I get home, and once again sit down to watch. "This better be good..." was what went through my mind. And actually, it started really good. Very fast, entertaining pace on the conference, a little too much 3Ds for my taste but hey... Then the moment finally came. The announcement... And like so many others, my first reacton was one of disapointment. What was described as a new console, seemed like simply a new controller for the Wii... After that, came the confusion, what the hell is going on? Is this a controller or a Console? And I'm not even gonna comment on the name... Nintendo ended the conference without revealing any of this... No one knew what the hell they just showed us. But through interviews afterwards, and certain articles, we learned that it is in fact a new console, in Hd... 
I really must congratulate Nintendo for how they could make us disapointed, then confused, and then pretty interested, all within 10 minutes...
There is still a lot to come I guess... I'm looking forward to follow e3 for the rest of the week. I don't know if this was really a blog, rather than just me telling you what you already know, but give me a break. 
Police ornaments per internal parking meter. You get me? Yeah you do, Micke! Leave the dancesnake alone!
And oh btw! How to I sync my account with facebook? Still no luck there..