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Originally an archive for some wiki submission I did. Tried to do a list of all the football games but I got lazy.

List items

  • Simply called football in North America. Football is a sport played between two teams of 11 men.


    The main goal in this sport is to score by getting a football into the opposing team's end zone. There are many different ways to do this including running, passing and catching the football. There is generally one side that plays on offense lead by the quarterback, that snaps the ball before the start of each play. On the defensive side the main objective is to stop the offense from scoring, within 4 downs or advancing the ball by a total of 10 yards. If the offense succeeds by making it to the end zone they are given a extra point kick.

    There are a number of other rules and penalties that can change this outcome. There are four 15 minute quarters in each game that vary in realtime with timeouts and penalties. Today the NFL is the most watched sport in the United States.


    * Touchdown: 6 points

    * Field Goal: 3 points

    * Safety/2 point conversion: 2 points

    * Extra point kick: 1 point