Top 5 Games Of 2011

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  • Excellent single player. Really good story to end the trilogy. Love the multiplayer, never really got into it in Gears 1+2 but it's fine tuned to perfection here. Really like all the options to get XP, story mode, arcade mode, online lobbys, private rooms with bots, horde and beast modes. Another thing that keeps me coming back are the medal challenges. Overall the best package.

  • Dragons. What more is there to say! Slighty let down by some bugs, but they were patched pretty quickly. I played it on XBOX but was rather shocked by the PS3 version. From what I've seen the graphics and animations are very dissapointing. And the appalling frame rate, how could they release it in such a state.

  • Not quite as good as Arkham City. Kind of diluted experience going from the confines of Arkham Asylum to Arkham City. But still good, fighting is as excellent as it was in Arkham Asylum.

  • Never played Saints Row 1 or 2. But this is just a really well done, fun game.

  • Stunning beautiful looking game. Some of the facial animations could easily be compared to L.A.Noire. Some brilliant set pieces, the Ocean Liner being of the best. Let down by the ending(Prince of Persia, anyone?!) and the fairly average multiplayer.