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My review of Bottle Shock.

Bottle Shock is a comedy/ drama about wine tasting in california. It stars Alan Rickman and it is the kind of warm and fun to watch film that you enjoy while in the theater but soon after you probably forget the plot. There was nothing that bad about it, aside from a cheesy love triangle, some iffy acting and  random racist scene involving Freddy Rodriguez the victim of racism by a random guy in a truck. The scene serves no real purpose and is soon forgotten. Alan Rickman however was fantastic and funny in his usual dry British way.

Overall I give it a 3.5 out of 5.


My Review of Mirrors.

Mirrors is a horror film directed by Alexandria Aja and starring Kiether Sutherland. This film has been getting tons of bad reviews, I don't think I have read one positive thing about the film. I don't see why it people hate is so much. I thought Kiether Sutherland was good in it and the plot, though a bit silly near the end, was interesting and much better than the plots of most modern horror films these days. The film has some great Atmosphere and good effects, though as I said before it did try to explain a bit too much and Kiether Sutherland did fight an evil Nun who crawls on the ceiling and gets lit on fire. That didn't stop films like Poltergeist which had an evil clown doll and a giant tree that tried to eat people, from being a good horror movie and it certainlly does not stop this one. Plus the actual ending to the film was brillaint and unexpected, though i wish the director killed off one of the kids, they were kinda annoying, plus it would show he has guts.

Overall I give it a 4 out of 5.


My review of the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight, as you all know, is the new Batman movie with Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman. After all the hype this film got I admit my expectations were pretty high, and the film met my expectations...mostly. Heath Ledger of course was as great as I heard he was, though not my favorite villian. The film was pretty consistant acting wise, though Maggie Ghellenhal does have a weird face that I feel like hitting when I see it on screen, also she was pretty medicore in that film. The only slightly major downside to the film was how it worked two face into the plot. I didn't totally believe Harvey Dent's transformation from nice guy fighting crime, to evil villian. It seemed a bit too contrived and convenient. The rest of the film however was excellent with some great action scenes and some good humor from the Joker. I do wish they didn't show the Scarecrow for once tiny scene at the start though, the guy who plays Scarecrow is one of my favorite actors around and to see him reduced to a cameo role when he can do so much better was a bit embarresing. He seemed thrown in just to make people go "Oh yeah I remember him!"

Overall I give it a 4.5 out of 5

Don't hate me because I didn't give it a 5. Also what Robert Downey Jr. said about the dark knight is perfectly justified, I can totally see what he is saying about the film. Just because his opinion doesnt conform to everyone elses, does not mean he is Jealous of the Dark Knight's success or that he is back on drugs as some have so cleverly said.


My review of Transsiberian.

Transsiberian is a slow paced thriller directed by Brad Anderson ( The Mashinist and Session 9) starring Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer, Ben Kingsley, and Eduardo Noriega. The film takes place on the famous Transsiberian, where a couple, Roy and Jessie,  going through a bad time in their relationship go on to put some excitement and adventure into their marrige. They meet another couple, Carlos and Abby,  who seem friendly enough, but later on as Jessie finds out, there is something sinister going on. Roy gets left behind at a station and Jessie is forced to travel with Carlos and Abby alone on the Transsiberian. I will not ruin what happens next, I will say however that this is a great Hitchcock style thriller that should have made more money and gotten more attention. All the acting is good, especially Emily Mortimer's. The only downside to the film is that it does slightly fall apart at the end, things go from terrible to good way too quickly for my taste and it seemed somewhat out of place. However, the end is not bad enough to make this a bad movie.

Overall I give it a 4.5 out of 5.


My Review of In Bruges.

In Bruges is a dark comedy/drama about two Irish hitman, one of whom messes up a job by killing a kid by accident, hiding in Bruges to await orders from their Boss. Ray ( Played brilliantly by Colin Ferrell) and Ken ( Again played brilliantly by Brenden Gleeson) are the two hitmen. What makes In Bruges so much better than anything else this year so far is its humor and characters. Usually in this kind of movie you get characters who are easy to like to make you forget that they are hitmen, here however we get Ray who hates Bruges and is very ignorant and aggressive to pretty much everybody. Brenden Gleeson character balances it out sligtly by being more of the hitman with a conscience.
 Ralph Fiennes is as great as always as their boss, though his character is a rather odvious homage to Ben Kingleys character in the film Sexy Beast. Another thing that makes this film so good is how very different it is from most hollywood films, in most hollywood movies this year you always see somebody getting rescue by someone who is either presumed dead or has gone for some reason. Here however that pretty much never happens, the film gets very dark and brutal near the end. The ending however is a brilliant and clever wink to how the how plot came to be. Be warned, this is not a fast paced film. For more than half of the film there is mostly dialogue. Not much goes on and the majority if the film is character and dialogue driven. Those with low attention spans and a desire to see things explode may be dissapointed.

Overall I give In Bruges a 5 out of 5,