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My Review of In Bruges.

In Bruges is a dark comedy/drama about two Irish hitman, one of whom messes up a job by killing a kid by accident, hiding in Bruges to await orders from their Boss. Ray ( Played brilliantly by Colin Ferrell) and Ken ( Again played brilliantly by Brenden Gleeson) are the two hitmen. What makes In Bruges so much better than anything else this year so far is its humor and characters. Usually in this kind of movie you get characters who are easy to like to make you forget that they are hitmen, here however we get Ray who hates Bruges and is very ignorant and aggressive to pretty much everybody. Brenden Gleeson character balances it out sligtly by being more of the hitman with a conscience.
 Ralph Fiennes is as great as always as their boss, though his character is a rather odvious homage to Ben Kingleys character in the film Sexy Beast. Another thing that makes this film so good is how very different it is from most hollywood films, in most hollywood movies this year you always see somebody getting rescue by someone who is either presumed dead or has gone for some reason. Here however that pretty much never happens, the film gets very dark and brutal near the end. The ending however is a brilliant and clever wink to how the how plot came to be. Be warned, this is not a fast paced film. For more than half of the film there is mostly dialogue. Not much goes on and the majority if the film is character and dialogue driven. Those with low attention spans and a desire to see things explode may be dissapointed.

Overall I give In Bruges a 5 out of 5,