Best game for Multiplayer

What I feel are the best games to play with friends. 
Now older games with no internet connectivity or ability to even create a LAN are going to be treated as equal to the more current games that can connect to thousands of people through the internet.  
This list is all about the experience of multiplayer, not the technology. 
With that said, boo yah! 

List items

  • Halo 2 started a revolution in how we played games with other people. It introduced the first wave of online gaming over the console and when Halo 3 game out the bar had been raised. Issues were addressed, equipment was added, and the new forge allows customization. Console shooters became a force to be dealt with thanks in kind to Halo.

  • So why this Smash and not the others? The others are amazing and the original is one of my favorites of all time but this isn't about best game, this is about best multiplayer. And when you have so many characters, different controller options, and a level creator ensures your friends won't run out of things to play around with.

  • Everyone has dreamed of rocking out to their favorite songs on stage, playing the solo and being the star. Even better would be doing that dream with some of your closest friends. Even better would be getting just as drunk as real rock stars do. Even better would be able to accomplish all of that without leaving your living room. All of that is Rock Band, and Rock Band 2 is better by fixing the few problems of the first. All you have to sacrifice is any fame you might achieve, annoying your neighbors, and ruining all fung shui.

  • This one was chosen for the opposite reasons I chose the latter Smash rather than the older ones. This Mario Kart was near perfect, simple gameplay that could be mastered, battle modes, and crazy locations. Sure you get some cool abilities in Double Dash and the Wii version but nothing ever could match the level of awesome Mario Kart 64 gave us.

  • No one plays as Oddjob. DK Mode and Paintball Mode are requirements. And eventually an all rockets and all proximity mines game must be played.

  • When Half-Life gave players the ability to mod the game in some pretty crazy ways very few people thought another great game could be spawned. Counter Strike is an all multiplayer game pitting terrorists vs. SWAT in a never ending battle between bomb planting and defending. In an age where the best shooters are being played on consoles, Counter Strike is still the reason I have nightmares of mouse and keyboards chasing after me.

  • Wondering why this is on here? Visit South Korea and you will find our answer.