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Best of 2009

FinalDasa: Best of 2009 
I've only added games I have played. 
It's unfair to add anything I didn't spend anytime with, great games don't impress everybody so I cannot assume it would impress me. 
With that said, behold!

List items

  • The attention in this game to detail rivals all other games. Top to bottom this game is a well thought out adventure which thrusts you into Gotham as the Dark Knight himself and pulls no punches. The setting around you constantly changes with your action in the story giving you the feeling of impact. Overall this game had me from the word go and does more than any other game this year.

  • When a game developer blends 2 genres of gameplay it can be tricky without utterly failing both sides. Brutal Legend can be argued as showing how not to do it and Borderlands is as good as a "how to" game for all future attempts. The RPG elements can be treated light enough so any FPS fan gets his/her thrills but for the in-depth player no amount of playtime will satisfy your needs for bigger and badder loot drops. I have friends still playing with their hour count now over 100 easily.

  • The original L4D treated us all to a zombie apocalypse and challenged us to see if the emergency zombie attack plans swimming in our heads would be worth anything when the shit really hit the fan and L4D2 takes what Valve started with and adds another layer of items, zombies, story, and even some complexity to fill our zombie pallets. Everything added fits perfectly into the old game staples and makes you wonder how you ever played the first one without a zombie brain crushing cricket bat.

  • The initial judgement of New Super Mario Bros. Wii would be fairly simple, another side scrolling mario game and it feels just like that. Handful of new elements, level designs only tweaked, and the overall feel and environment hasn't changed since the classics. But when you plug in all 4 controllers a new game emerges. Mayhem ensues, panic, laughter, and if your friends aren't cheap, beer. With this you get more than one game, 2 players feels like co-op, 3 or players is insanity, and the 1 player is your typical Mario game. Who could argue?

  • Old School RPGs have been smothered by the sheer weight of JRPGs and MMOs. But Dragon Age: Origins brings back that wonderful feeling of a engrossing story, days of gameplay, and that old school feeling without the old school reality. Truly this could start the golden age of a RPGs, or I could spend weeks just playing this one. Either way it will leave a smile on my face.

  • Zombies are becoming an overused money maker as of late. And it's all typical, ooo a mall? Never thought of that! But with Plants Vs. Zombies we get the normal zombie setting, with a twist. Your plants do the battling for you, strategy with a blend of humor and addicting gameplay. This game had be for hours on end and win or lose always left me smiling. Except for those stupid diver zombies...

  • Crackdown was never a great game but it broke molds in the new generation of software and what everyone was waiting for, whether they knew it or not, while playing Crackdown was Infamous. It perfects a genre that appears to be setting up it's own niche within gaming business and Infamous comes along and shocks everyone out of the water. With the ability to play as good or evil, a decent story-line, and great array of powers this was one of the 1st games that had 360 owners jealous.

  • 2009 could be classified as the year downloadable games found their foothold and become something special. Quality seemed to be important all of the sudden to many developers and Shadow Complex is the fruit of their labor. With a style of gameplay many gamers remember from being a kid along with a good story, interwoven secrets and hidden areas, and plenty of ways to blow stuff up. This should be the cornerstone of a new emerging market in Arcade games.

  • Why do we play games? For most people it's to have fun. Why does 50 cent make game? Money of course. But when someone who knows nothing about video games is asked what should be in it, all he can think of is fun shit. Guess what this game is covered and filled with? Fun shit. Nothing in this game deserves an award, nothing in this game is new or innovative, and nothing is this game is perfect. But if you can play this game and not laugh out loud, you take life way to serious.

  • Microsoft usually seems like an evil, heartless corporation just out to up prices and trick us out of hard earned money. Despite the ads and odd beta period, 1 vs 100 brings to Xbox Live users a free to use and near daily service to just sick back, relax and have fun. Play with friends in a party, or by yourself testing your own knowledge. Either way this scheduled, live, no download, free gameplay sets precedent for new ways we will be gaming. Now if only I could use natal to hype my avatar up.