Best of 2010

FinalDasa: Best of 2010

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  • The story gripped me from beginning to end and throughout playing the game I felt like the badass cowboy that John Marston was.

  • With all the additions made to the existing story-line and gameplay, not to mention a superb multiplayer, Brotherhood's surprise robust of a single player was amazing.

  • Bungie gave a love letter to all Halo fans with this game, adding in every feature that was ever good in any of their games. It may not be the "high water mark" in the series but it's the one you have to own.

  • Great story and gameplay and addressing issues from the original took this franchise to new levels. I wish some stronger RPG elements had come on through from the first game, but that didn't ruin my time with this game.

  • Since TF2 isn't quite the same on the 360 this is your next best choice. Whenever you can load up a game to see bacon and shotgun shells high-fiving then you're on the right track.

  • Frustrating, hate filled, anger inducing, and white knuckled filled. This game balanced precision, level design, and humor all in one neat little package.

  • God I don't know why but Pokemon is still fun to me. Moving it to the DS perhaps doesn't make the best of transitions but the experience is exactly what I wanted, more of the Pokemon I remember.

  • Pacman is a legend and it's difficult to mess with a legend. This game takes the original and adds levels of fun and addiction just to eat one more goddamn ghost that I thought couldn't be done to older arcade games.

  • It's a novel idea to use toys as your strategy game pawns but the feel of Toy Soldiers would make you think you're in the trenches yourself. Being able to jump into planes, takes, and gunner seats synched this as a fun little tower defense game.

  • I reviled this game at first, looking at it as only a level pack for the original. But after seeing it played and playing it myself Galaxy 2 is worthy of a nod on my GOTY list.