Games I wish I could "un"play

Throughout my life I have been playing games on almost every system, and no matter how vigilant I was, what precautions I took, it always happened. 
A bad game, not just any bad game, a horrendous game. 
And here are a few that I have yet to force myself to forget.

List items

  • Infamous for being bad. I only know one person to get past level one. Not because it's so difficult, because the controls are pure crap

  • Everyone has always wanted to pilot an attack helicopter. So why not add constantly disappearing fuel, limited ammo, difficulty aiming, and lackluster controls.

  • The Paperboy series is a classic, everyone remembers playing this game and one point or another. And somehow they tricked a bunch of us to buy something called Paperboy.

  • I love baseball, and though I don't always enjoy the sim nature of sports games these days, baseball is one sport that seems made for it. Well add glitches, poor controls, and a number of issues that would carry through to every sequel and you have one bad game.

  • Why, why on earth, is there more than one of these?

  • The only saving grace from playing a soldier in the only war no one likes, is unlockable porn. Reason it's still on this list? Porn wasn't so good.

  • The sims on a game console really clicked with me. I loved The Sims on PC but once the computer broke my parents didn't see the reason for another. So to get my fix, I bought The Urbz. Well there is a reason it isn't called The Sims, because it isn't The Sims.