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My Favorite Video Games of all Time

In no particular order.

Games that still are with me when I play games today and went beyond not just expectations into a part of my brain that only years of subtle cell phone radiation will eventually erase.

But until then...

List items

  • I'm surprised my copy still works considering how many hours I racked up in multiplayer with friends and how many times I played and replayed every level. Not to mention spelling my name in paintball splatter.

  • Halo 2 and 3 never came close to the story from Halo CE. Every level was painstakingly put together so that combat felt both natural and exciting. The multiplayer isn't online but this was the game teaching me that extra controllers are always necessary and what exactly a LAN was.

  • Classic, what else can be said? Squirtle FTW.

  • One of a few RPGs on the original Xbox and one of the all time greatest. Easy to understand RPG elements, customizable character weapons, amazing story, and the beginning of the moral choices that are everywhere in games these days. Could you ask more from an RPG?

  • Every GTA game since GTA3 is very good but GTA4 took everything to a new level. Sure some of the problems from previous titles still exist (how many times must I drive across town to replay a level?) but the story, characters, voice acting, and scope all increased giving this game the push to make my list.

  • Everything on this game has already been said. My feeble words would either result in injustice, or over-blow the truth about this game. Needless to say, it's here for a reason.

  • The sequels had more characters, better graphics, but lost some soul. The OG Smash Brothers was the game that took my N64 controller and made its analog stick go limp from overuse (avoids dirty joke). You get to kick pikachu's ass, need anything else?

  • Twisted Metal gets all the glory but I think Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense has more guts. Take your typical car vs car with mega guns combat game, add well thought out settings, good humor, great weapons, funny characters, and ability to play with friends. I wasted hours of homework time proving (or trying to) I was better than my friends.

  • This game put Zelda on the map for me, and long with that all adventure games. Again, a classic, so I'll just say fairies in jars.

  • Best selling PC game of all time can't be wrong can it? Will Wright flips gaming on its head by giving you the control of your own family, relationships, jobs, school, drama, friends, sex, and deleting all the doors and watching a man pee his pants and die. Good old fashioned fun.

  • I remember the day I realized the version of Sim City 2000 that my parents had purchased wasn't the same as the one in my school's computer, twas better. Apparently I had this whole dev like kit too, building manipulation, sand box city building, plus the original game. Why don't more PC games do the same these days?