Ultimate Video Game Destroy Everything Team

If an ultimate team was needed to avoid horrible destruction by an unspeakable evil, these would be the members.

List items

  • He is the last of a series of super soldiers. He single handily can defeat an entire alien race. And I hear he is a gentle lover. Why not right?

  • At around 11 years old he leaves home, never really returns, doesn't sleep, defeats terrorists, captures wild pokemon, and explores places most people are to scared to visit. This kid has got balls.

  • While a little bit crazy, he wins you over with sarcasm. So what if everyone else has to watch their backs?

  • Thank God he was in a game! Every crack team has to have a good nerd to back them up. And Doc Brown is the smartest nerd I know, not to mention if anything goes wrong I start over in 1955.

  • Gotta have a chick. Samus being really hot also helps, but what earns her a spot on the team is the arsenal in her right arm and the ability to know how to use it.