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Batman: Arkham Origins Review 6

The following does contain some spoilers for the game. So if it's still sitting in your backlog and you'd like to go in fresh, don't continue. I also haven't touched the multiplayer and despite some bad reviews about it I wouldn't mind jumping in and trying it if anyone would like to play on the PS3.Arkham Asylum was close to a perfect game for me.Arkham Asylum was one of my favorite games of the last generation. Achieving that same level of success while growing and improving the franchise isn...

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Bad Taste, Great Meal 0

A first impression has always been a lasting one and with Dishonored, it is no different. You play as the silent protagonist who's world has been turned upside with the death of the woman he was meant to protect and ruler of a post-apocalyptic like city fighting a pervasive plague. After escaping prison and being taught the general gameplay aspects you as shoved knee deep into the game. With decent tutorials and enough systems, upgrade mechanics, and choices Dishonored should be a really great g...

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Madden improves gameplay, sells soul 0

The Madden franchise is almost as old as console gaming. And over the years it has grown up to become a money maker and stand alone franchise every gamer and non-gamer can recognize. With this new installment EA both improves on the slowly stagnating series making it accessible to those new to football games but also sets in motion the possible death of the Madden games forever.   I haven't played a Madden game in about 5 years, so popping this into the disc tray was almost a new experience alto...

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Basic Tower Defense 0

If you like challenging yourself with small strategy games, you found it in Crystal Defenders. It has your basic class system found in most tower defense games, your Warrior that does heavy but ground only attacks, archers which to medium but air-only attacks, Mages that shoot their spells causing splash damage. And to add some complexity to make you think a little more, Crystal Defenders adds "mix" classes that mix the classic classes as towers so you can truly customize how to defend your life...

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Perfect Transfer 0

For 800 MS Points you can download Peggle right now, and straight up you really should. Just stop reading and start downloading. This game provides hours of entertain and challenge that even some $60 games cannot provide. When you first start up Peggle it looks fairly simple. You control only one thing during the entire game, a small gun located at the top of the screen that can pivot left and right to try and launch your peg and bounce it around to hit all of the orange pegs with varying degree...

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A solid hit and great addition 0

A good chunk of us have played a Banjo-Kazooie game before and we all remember just running around, collecting whatever it told us to, and destroying anything in our way to beating up that annoying witch of a boss.So needless to say when I put in Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts, I have my expectations. But not high ones. These games have never been about perfect graphics and new features, but instead and mixture of comedy, adventure, new innovations, and lovable characters. And thats what Rare got...

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Eat your heart out Resident Evil...literally 0

Put yourself in the middle of a city in the grips of a full scale zombie cluster-fuck. And what you get is Left 4 Dead.In this shooter you get game design not normally seen on consoles. We are all used to having a few AI characters who get in our way as we blow through aliens or russians, but now you better not be running ahead. This game on the easy difficulty is your typical shooter, grab some guns, grab a health-pack, and don't stop shooting. Play on a higher difficulty and you will die. Hord...

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50 Cent fails so hard its not bad 0

After Bulletproof it seemed that as long as you pandered to the right crowd hard enough it doesn't matter how bad the game is. Only problem is people can and will catch on quick to how bad something is, which leaves the bad taste of Bulletproof all over 50 Cent's new game, Blood on the Sand. I can envision 50 Cent sitting down in a room describing the best game ever, running around killing random goons with guns in what he must consider the most gangster place on earth. Along with him would be a...

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Lackluster has never been more amazing 0

If Halo Wars came out for the PC the laughing still wouldn't have stopped quite yet. You could still hear the chuckles in households and apartments from gamers everywhere. But of course it was built up and produced just mainly for the 360 and that is something you must keep in mind while you're playing through. So when you learn the controls, see the graphics, and play through the campaign, multiplayer, and any other mode just keep saying that to yourself. And finally when you finish it and your...

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