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            I’m a guitarist who ironically loves rock band drums. Started playing games on NES, but not seriously until around when Genesis came out. My sister had a SNES and was totally jealous of the blood effects on the Genesis version of MK2. I felt strangely attached to Sega and bought a Saturn next, then my beloved Dreamcast, of which I have 4. I reluctantly got a Playstation because it had all the really good stuff. Sega hardware went down the tube and my allegiance changed to Sony. I have the whole family of Playstations now 1-3 and Portable.

            I love fighting games, first-person shooters, and some RPG’s. Metal Gear Solid is my favorite series. Successfully got the Big Boss Emblem in MGS4 with pics to prove it! I play Call of Duty 4 online all the time. If anyone wants to play just add me.

            PSN – Fing-Di