I'm Back?

It has been some time, that is for damn sure. I completely lost touch with my community side of gaming. Sticking to single player and simple online matches, I forgot about all the great people that I knew on these websites. I'm happy to say I have re-discovered Giant Bomb. I remember when it first launched. I was front and ready to experience it through and through. I guess I just lost touch what with Facebook and High School and all. I hope my return isn't short lived, and that I can find that same community feeling I once had. The site looks nice and has also given me more of an incentive to pursue being an achievement whore seeing as how the quest system was implemented.  
I guess what I am getting at here is, even if I don't make a full return to the site, at least I had some fun while I was here. But lets hope that's not the case. 
Always ~ Ryan

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