My top 15 for 2011

So we only a few days from 2012 and while year isn't completely over yet, there aren't really coming any more games out this year, so I'll try to put down a list of my top 15 games of the godforsaken year of 2011.

A lot have been happening this past year, so I'm not completely sure I remember every single game I played that was released in 2011.

Also I always go big, so fuck top 10 lists, I like to go beyond all the way to fifteen!

List items

  • The Elder Scrolls are awesome... And Skyrim is no exception, in fact I think it is the best game of the year.

  • Saints Row is crazy, just crazy, but in the good and funny way.

    And I enjoyed this game very much, so after 100% it I was sad that there wasn't more to play... yet (bring on the DLC!)

  • Portal 2 was an amazing follow up to the original Portal, improving on every single aspect of the game, adding co-op and improving the length without hurting the humor.

    Valve fucking did it again, guys.

  • Rayman is back! Hallelujah! I fucking loved Rayman back in the day, and he got a glorious return in Origins. One of the best 2D platformers in years.

  • The king of multiplayer shooters returns and is just as great to play as always. Plus we get awesome chaos and action in the multiplayer, like we would see it scripted in other games singleplayer.

  • What a generic name and too bad it sold horribly. Because this game is great too, good gameplay and hilarious writing. Truly we need more games to go crazy with their ideas instead of just sticking to modern military gruff dudes shouting "Stay Frosty" and "Oscar Mike".

  • Gears of War 3 was a great way to end a trilogy. Basically just taking the previous games and improve upon them, with new enemies and weapons, this game managed to stay fresh. Also props to Epic for adding some closure, in these days where we almost always end on a cliffhanger.

  • MOOORTAL KOMBAT! *techno beats* I love Mortal Kombat and even though I'm not much into fighting games, I really enjoyed this game.

  • Batman is awesome, video games with Batman - not so awesome. Until Arkham Asylum that is, and the sequel continues that great trend. While not as good story-wise as Arkham Asylum, Arkham City makes up for it with a good open-world and improved combat.

  • Pure unadulterated fun with guns, while Bodycount claimed to be gun-porn, it was Bulletstorm who delivered it. Only thing this game really missed was a proper multiplayer mode.

    Hope we'll see more from the Bulletstorm universe in the future.

  • Avalanche Studios are awesome and Renegade Ops is just fun, fun, fun. Top-down vehicle shooting hasn't been this fun since... ever really.

  • Minecraft is my blocky messiah. Unlimited creativity can be spilled into this game and you always get results. What a great game created from out of nowhere. And yes this counts for 2011, since it's official release happened this year.

  • inFamous 2 suffered from some of the same problems as Uncharted 3, it felt too much like the previous game. But unlike Uncharted 3, inFamous 2 was an improvement over the first game.

  • While it is a great game, Uncharted 2 was better in pretty much every way. Sorry Naughty Dog you guys are awesome and create great games, but this kinda a hit and miss.