I have a theory that's title is too long to fit in the title

I have a theory that the people who made the game fable two  ripped stuff from kya dark lineage  i don't have the game but i saw a demo on a video game show. first off there is a  dog that helps the hero and doesn't get in the way, which  is just like "stuff" from kya dark lineage, stuff is a flying critter that does the same thing!

and i also saw a wolf creature that looks just like a wolfen in kya dark lineage.
when i saw the comercial i seriously thought it was kya 2.

i know my theory is  a bit weak but......


kya dark lineage

Kya Dark Lineage is a video game starring a girl named “Kya”, who is mysteriously transported into another universe with her brother “Frank”. Kya appears while in a jungle known as “The Roots” and is unconscious, Kya awakes to three cat like creatures staring at her telling her to get up or she’ll never get up again, because there are Wolfen following them. While Kya and the creatures are running away from the Wolfen Kya notices that Frank is nowhere to be found, by the time Kya and the creatures get to safety two creatures have been captured by the Wolfen leaving only Kya and one cat creature. The cat creature brings Kya to his city known as “Nativ City” where the cat people called “Nativs” live. An elder Nativ known as “Atea” tells Kya that she and her brother were transported to the universe by a magical “Medallion” which is a an item that is obtained by putting a “Receptacle” and “Runes” together, a Receptacle is a small metal circle that holds Runes, Runes are magical artifacts made of pure energy that also give Kya more magic power when obtained, each universe has its own Receptacle and Runes, there are seven Runes in each universe. The only way for Kya and Frank to go back to their universe is to find the Receptacle and the 7 Runes in the Nativs universe to make the Medallion. Atea also tells Kya about a threat called “Brazul” who with the help of his minions, the Wolfen is trying to take over the world and possibly destroy it, and then they plan to do the same with another universe. Atea also says that the Wolfen are Nativs that were transformed by Brazul. Kya then decides to go on a journey to find her brother, transform the Wolfen back to their true selves, defeat Brazul before they go back home.

I'm probabally the biggest kya fan on the planet, or atleast the only one that really wants to make a difference and get kya to shine like she should.

i am involved with many projects about kya dark lineage on the internet. i created a forum for kya  http://z7.invisionfree.com/Kya_Dark_Lineage/index.php?act=idx
a freewebs for kya http://www.freewebs.com/kyadarklineage/index.htm
even the kya wiki  http://kyadarklineage.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page

i have also made kya dark lineage clubs on various sites like youtube and gamespot.